How to change google voice number

These days, having separate telephone numbers for business and individual use is very pervasive. Furthermore, Google Voice is an incredible element that gives Google clients a free telephone number for calling, messaging, and other web-based exercises. Clients might try and port their telephone number to a Google Voice account moreover. Furthermore, clients might change their Google Voice number at whatever point they wish to.

How to Change Your Google Voice Number or Port a Cell to It
Source: Business Insider

How could my Google telephone number be altered?

To begin with, visit Ensure your Google account is dynamic and signed in.

Stage 2: Select the “Heritage Google Voice” choice in the wake of tapping the “Menu” symbol in the upper left corner.

Stage 3: Select the “Settings” choice on the accompanying page. Then, at that point, click the “Settings” button again, situated in the upper right corner.

Stage 4: Select the “Telephones” tab as of now. Pick the “Change/Port” choice that shows up close to your ongoing telephone number.

Stage 5: Pick the “I need another number” choice and comply to the on-screen headings.

Stage 6: When the installment has been made, you will receive an email with directions on the most proficient method to continue.


Might I at any point gain another Google Voice number subsequent to erasing my ongoing one?

No. You should recover the number that was recently taken out. What’s more, to achieve this, you should check your record utilizing a different telephone. Also, you can’t recover your ongoing number utilizing the telephone that you utilized for your most memorable check.


My telephone number is connected to find out about Voice; how might I eliminate it?


  • Look at
  • Click Settings in the menu at the upper left of the page.
  • Cripple Google phone message for each associated number.
  • Once more, click Record.
  • Go to your Google Voice number and select “Erase”
  • To affirm, click “Continue.”


Could a cell phone at any point be ported to a Google Voice account?

Not all cell phone numbers are qualified for Google Voice porting. Clients can confirm whether numbers are qualified for porting by counseling the authority direction gave on the porting status site.