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How to change your username on Instagram

Like with numerous online media services, Instagram allows you to change your username voluntarily. Your username is the thing that everybody sees when seeing your record, and it’s additionally what you use to sign in from the web or the portable application.

You should change your username at whatever point a superior one strikes a chord or when you want to change how you introduce yourself to the world. In this article, we’ll show you how you can change your Instagram username on request.

How would I change my Instagram username?

It’s feasible to change your Instagram username from both the application on your phone and from the Instagram website page on your PC. We will show you the two strategies below for your benefit:

Change your Instagram username from the mobile application

To change your Instagram username in the mobile application, you should follow these means:

1) Start the Instagram application from your Home screen.

2) Tap on the Profile tab.

Edit Instagram profile

3) Click on the Account Settings button.

4) Click on the Edit Profile option.

5) Select your current username to initiate the text field, then delete your current username with the keyboard.

Change instagram username

6) Type in your wanted new username to substitute it, then click on the Done button at the top right of the app.

Once your saved username takes effect, you will be ready to confirm that it operated by seeing at the top of your profile:

Replace your Instagram username from the web

To replace your Instagram username from the web on your computer, follow these steps preferably:

1) Start your preferred web browser and visit your Instagram Profile Information Settings.

2) Click once in the username text field to initiate it, next delete your current username by your keyboard.

3) Type in your wanted new username to follow it and then tap on the blue Submit button to keep your changes:

Instagram should now perform a green prompt at the bottom of the page that states “Profile Saved!” as given below:

What you require to understand

Other Instagram users will see your new username rather than your old one at whatever point you remark on stuff or offer new media. Nobody will want to see what your past username was.

Different users can discover you via looking for your new username, however, if they take a stab at looking for your old username, they will not discover you, which is something you might need to remember whether you’re dealing with a record for a brand/organization or anything with these lines.

Going ahead, you should use your recently set username to sign into any phone or internet browser, as your old username is not, at this point attached to you.

You ought to likewise know that changing your username doesn’t erase or alter any of your Instagram media, nor will it erase any of your followers. Then again, your followers may un-follow you at their caution on the off chance that you change your username because they may not perceive your new alias since they were used to what it was already.


Changing your Instagram username is quick and simple. However long you have another username as the main priority that isn’t as of now taken, you can apply it to your record whenever, and now you know the means important to deal with it.



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