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How to Complete an Ascension Path in Stellaris
Achieving Immortality: A Guide to Completing Ascension Paths in Stellaris

Stellaris is a sci-fi grand strategy game that has been continuously updated and improved by Paradox Interactive since its 2016 release. One of the most exciting features of the game is the Ascension Paths, which are Tradition Trees that allow players to focus on enhancing their population rather than their Empire. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps involved in completing an Ascension Path in Stellaris.

Credits – Steam

The first step to completing an Ascension Path is to pick the associated Ascension Perk. Players can pick one Perk for each Tradition Tree they’ve completed. However, the Ascension Path Perks have additional prerequisites before players can select them.

The prerequisites for each Ascension Path are as follows:

  • Genetic: Requires the Gene Tailoring Technology, which follows Genome Mapping.
  • Psionic: Requires the Psionic Theory Technology, a rare tech that is easier for Fanatic Spiritualist Empires to discover. This Path is automatically unlocked for Empires that chose the Teachers of the Shroud Origin.
  • Cybernetic (non-Gestalt Consciousness): Requires the Integrated Cybernetics Technology, which follows Powered Exoskeletons and Colonial Centralization.
  • Cybernetic (Hive Mind): Requires the Integrated Cybernetics Technology, which follows Powered Exoskeletons and Colonial Centralization.
  • Cybernetic (Driven Assimilators): Requires the Empire to have successfully assimilated at least 30 Pops.
  • Synthetic (non-Gestalt Consciousness): Requires the Synthetics Technology, a dangerous tech that follows Droids, Galactic Administration, and Positronic AI.
  • Synthetic (Machine Intelligence): Requires the Machine Template System Technology, which follows Powered Exoskeletons.

Once players have met the prerequisites for one of these Ascension Perks, it will appear in the list for them to select. This will unlock the Ascension Path Tradition Tree, as well as grant a specialized Technology for the Path.

Once players have unlocked an Ascension Path, it will act just like any other Tradition Tree in Stellaris. The next time they gain enough Unity to select a Tradition, they can begin the new Tree, granting first an Adoption Effect, then 5 Traditions to complete, and finally a Finisher Effect for doing them all. Compared to the normal Tradition Trees, the Ascension Path trees are not only more powerful, but also unlock or boost a way to enhance the Pops in the player’s Empire.

The effects of each Ascension Path are as follows:

  • Genetic: Greatly enhances the Gene Modification Special Project, allowing players to radically alter their Pops, removing more of Stellaris’ negative Traits, adding unique advanced Traits, and accelerating the entire process.
  • Psionic: Unlocks the psionic potential of the main species, allowing the player to train Psionic Armies, enter the Shroud dimension, and form a Covenant with one of the otherworldly entities within.
  • Cybernetic: Allows the player to enhance the use of cybernetics and make them mandatory across their Empire, boosting productivity, lowering Empire size, and allowing Robot Modification points to be spent on organics.
  • Synthetic: Allows an organic species to transfer their minds into superior robot bodies, achieving immortality, reducing upkeep, and allowing them to be heavily specialized.
  • Synthetic (Machine Intelligence): Allows a Machine Intelligence Empire to assimilate robotic Pops, build new Pops at an incredible rate, and further enhance their capabilities. 

In conclusion, Ascension Paths are one of the most powerful features introduced in Stellaris by the Utopia DLC. They represent the ultimate mastery over nature, granting a species immortality, hyper-intelligence, or even psychic powers. Whether you’re looking to play as a Genetic, Psionic, Cybernetic, or Synthetic Empire, each Ascension Path offers players a unique and exciting way to enhance their Pops and take their Empire to new heights. In the end, completing an Ascension Path in Stellaris is a challenging but rewarding experience that will allow you to achieve mastery over nature and lead your Empire to greatness.