How to create a Wikipedia page for a person, place, company, or any notable topic

It’s no surprise that Wikipedia contains information more than the biggest encyclopedia in the world. Probably everyone has been contributing for it to become one of the world’s largest and most popular information sources, since its launch.

The content that you normally read on Wikipedia is all user-generated. It means that a registered account can create and publish a new page. Then later, editors fall back to their work.  They collaborate on these pages, covering various subjects — from notable people and places to science and pop culture.  However, while on one hand, this platform is open and collaborative, you can not create a page just to have some fun.

There are some important requirements that Wikipedia requires in order to publish or edit a page. The most important criteria are that the topic should be already written about in verifiable publications such as books, magazines, or academic journals, and not previously written about on Wikipedia.

You might want to note that once you have submitted a draft, it can take a number of days or weeks to have your article reviewed by an admin for publication. Your draft can either get approval or denial.

Moreover, you can edit your drafts anytime during this time and should make edits once inside a half year, or the draft will be erased.

How to create a Wikipedia page

  1. To create a Wikipedia page the first thing to have is a registered account. If you have an account, perfect! And if not click on ‘create one’.
  2. You log-in automatically once you make the account.
  3.  Using the search bar, confirm that the Wikipedia page you want to create doesn’t already exist
  4. When you will search for the same,  on the search results page for the term you enter, the option to “ask for it to be created” will appear. Click on it to be taken to the Wikipedia article wizard.
  5. Click on next to start with the Wikipedia wizard.
  6. You can also choose to work with “Practice in the community sandbox,” which is recommended for new users.
  7. After re-evaluating and agreeing to notability and other publication requirements, click “Next.”. Select the appropriate option.
  8. Enter the name  for your draft, then click “Create a new article draft.”
  9. You will receive a pop-up box to select “Start editing” to begin writing your article in the correct field.
  10. When finished with your edits, click “Publish” to save your article to draft.