How To Delete All Your Facebook Activity

Nobody wants to spend hours and days in front of a computer, repeatedly pressing the same buttons. Thankfully, there is a way to automate this procedure. This is accomplished with the use of a manual script in your browser. There is a simple Chrome plugin that would execute a script on your Facebook activity log. Depending on how active you were on Facebook in the past, the script will run for several hours. Several hours is still faster than manually erasing all activity. If you wish to delete your Facebook history as well, follow the instructions below.

  • Switch on your computer or Mac.
  • Only a PC or Mac can do the actions outlined below. You cannot utilise a shortcut on your mobile device or in the Facebook app.
  • To access Facebook, use the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is the simplest and most dependable method. If you don’t have Google Chrome, you can get it here.
  • Using Chrome, log in to your Facebook account
  • Logging into your Facebook account appears to be the next step.
  • For Chrome, use the “Social Book Post Manager” extension.
  • Select “Activity Log” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now go to your Facebook profile and select “View Activity Log” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the newly installed Extension’s icon.

To begin, pick the action you wish to remove or conceal on the right-hand side of the Facebook activity log. For example, posts you’ve made, posts in which you’ve been tagged, images, videos, and so on. You have the ability to remove your own posts, but you can only hide posts or photographs in which you have been tagged.

You may now choose the time period you want to remove everything from your activity log for. You have the option of selecting individual years and/or months. Select “Select All” if you wish to remove everything.

You can tick or uncheck the “Prescan on Page” option as needed. You won’t need a prescan if you run the script in the background.

Click “Delete” or “Hide” to activate the script and DELETE EVERYTHING from your Facebook activity history.

While executing the script, close any other Facebook windows in other browser tabs and close any Facebook apps on your phone or tablet. Any additional Facebook-related Chrome plugins you may have installed should be deactivated or removed. Other plugins may cause “Social Book Post Manager” to malfunction. Visit chrome:/extensions/ to see all of your installed plugins.

If the plugin does not clear everything, please slow down the rate at which it runs. The default speed is 4x. Set the plugin to 2x, 1x, or even slower if it skips too much of your activities. In this instance, consider leaving your PC on in the background for one night. If you’ve spent a lot of time on Facebook (as I have), the script may not be 100% true. Simply execute the plugin numerous times for better results.