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More than 25% crypto investors in Australia hold Cardano while the average global adoption rate is 11.6%

A recent survey suggests that 25% of crypto investors in Australia hold Cardano ADA. The survey was conducted by Finder and was done in 22 countries to understand which cryptocurrencies are driving adoption. It also took into account important metrics like gender, demographics, age, and more. The company has been doing monthly surveys in a few select countries like the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, the UK, and more. And most other nations have quarterly surveys.

Important learnings from the survey

The global adoption rates for crypto are quite good. It was found that above 11% of adults own crypto on a global level. Nigeria’s adoption rates are higher than any other country with 24.2% adoption rates, while Malaysia has 18% and Australia has 17.8%. Among this 17.8% people, it was found that more than 25% of crypto investors in Australia hold Cardano, which is a pretty big number. We should also note that Japan was the lowest on the list, with only 4.6% of adults owning crypto.

investors in Australia hold Cardano

Talking about India, which is the 2nd largest country in terms of population, it was found that 15.4% of adults own crypto. And the majority of them own Bitcoin. On the other hand, the US has a 10.4% adoption rate, with the majority being invested in Bitcoin, with ETH and Doge sharing the 2nd spot.

The surveys also gave us some benchmarks like the average adoption rates globally, which is 11.4%. We also saw that the Bitcoin adoption rates are more than double of Ethereum at 6.8%. This shows that no matter what, Bitcoin is still the king in terms of popularity. And whenever someone new enters the crypto space, they are more likely to invest in Bitcoin. Even my first crypto investment was in Bitcoin, and I started out with $50.

Males vs. Females

It has been seen in general that males are more inclined towards crypto than females, and that seems right on a global level. The lowest number of females into crypto is in Japan, with just a 22.1% female involvement. On the other hand, the highest female adoption is in Mexico, with a 53.7% rate. We should also note that the global average stands at 41% females and 59% males in terms of total crypto investors.

What are your thoughts on the crypto survey conducted across 22 countries? And do you think that these numbers show the true adoption rates? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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