How to delete apps on any device

Deleting apps is a very efficient way to clean up your digital space and save battery life, though the methods for getting it done will depend on the device that you are using. Here is a guide to deleting apps, regardless whether the device that you are using.

Deleting apps on an iPhone/iPad

Head to your home screen. Tap on and hold the app that you want to delete to access the option that reads “Remove App.” Choose “Delete App.” This action will also remove any data that is associated with the app. If you have an iPhone with iOS 14 or later, you have to choose “Remove from Home Screen” instead of “Delete App.”

Deleting apps on an iPad is very similar. However, instead of selecting “Remove App” first, you will choose “Delete App.”

If you want to free up some space on your iCloud, head to the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad, choose your name, tap on “iCloud,” and “Manage Storage.” Go to the “Backups” section and you will see your list of apps, which you will then be able to delete.

Deleting apps on a Mac

Some of the apps on your Mac cannot be deleted, but for the others, the Launchpad is the easiest method to getting it done.

Open it and click and hold on to the app. An “x” should appear in the top-left corner. Click on the “x” to delete the application.

Deleting apps on a Windows 10 

This process is slightly more complicated because simply deleting the program file or folder can cause some problems.

Visit the “Apps and Features” section, which can be found in the Settings application. Choose the app that you want to delete and click on “Uninstall.”

Deleting apps on Android

If you want to delete apps on Android, press and hold on to the app. Drag it to the “Uninstall” text at the top-right corner of the screen to delete it. There will be a trash icon there.

Deleting apps on an Apple Watch

Tap on and hold on to the app icon. An “x” will appear over the icon, which you can press to remove the app from the device. If your apps are viewed in a list format, you can left swipe on an app and tap the trash icon to delete it.