How to advertise on YouTube

YouTube advertising, which is carried out via Google Ads, is a method of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so that you can maximise your user reach and, as a result, your viewership. This could be your video playing before another video or simply showing up in YouTube search results for people to watch the video completely.


The nature of your advertising on YouTube will differ depending on your expectations. YouTube advertising can be used to create brand awareness, influence the decision of buyers, increase sales, or drive up brand loyalty. Here is a guide on how to create your first YouTube advertising campaign. 

  1. Upload your video advertisement on YouTube. Log into your YouTube account and click on the small camcorder icon on the top-right of YouTube. Click on ‘Upload Video.’You will be directed to the upload window where you can choose the file that you want to upload.
  2. Create a new campaign in Google Ads by going to your Google Ads account. Click on “All campaigns” in the left sidebar. Hit the “+” icon to create a new campaign and select a campaign type.
  3. Choose a single goal that matches the main aspect that you want this campaign to achieve for your business.
  4. Configure your campaign by choosing a name. Since this is only for your internal use, select a name that describes your campaign very clearly.
  5. Set your budget by setting the average amount that you are willing to spend each day. It is best to start small initially. You can also choose between the standard or accelerated delivery method. Standard will evenly spread your budget throughout the day. Meanwhile, accelerated will show your ads at every available opportunity and as a result, your budget will run out at a faster pace.
  6. Enter your start date and choose an end date, if you would like to have one.
  7. Choose the networks where you want your ads to appear, and then select a language and location.
  8. Choose a bidding strategy among the following four options: maximum cost-per-view, maximum cost-per-mille, viewable cost-per-mille, target cost-per-acquisition.
  9. Select an inventory type to make sure that your ad is not shown in inappropriate places. You can also exclude your content from sensitive content categories.
  10. Choose your target demographic and add descriptions if necessary.
  11. Choose the places where you want your ad to be shown by entering keywords and selecting topics.
  12. Either choose or upload your marketing video.
  13. Select the format of your video and add your URLs, CTA, and headline and configure the ad