How to delete videos from Facebook History

sick now, you might have heard that Facebook stores your exercises in general and information like which posts you’ve enjoyed, what recordings you’ve watched and preferred, how long is your companion rundown, from there, the sky is the limit. All things considered, everything is recorded to further develop the client experience on Facebook. Fortunately, you are as yet permitted to erase the Facebook Watch History for all time from your record. Evidently, your Facebook watched exercises are restricted to your record; nobody case see what the recordings you have watched to date are, yet if in the event that to erase the watched recordings from Facebook, keep on perusing this full aide bit by bit.

How to Delete Watched Video History on Facebook App
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The methodology to erase the Facebook Watch History is monotonous. You need to erase the recordings individually; there is no choice accessible to erase the watched recordings at the same time, supposedly. Be that as it may, it very well may be finished from both Facebook Application and the Facebook Web Point of interaction; all you really want is a web association. We should get into the instructional exercise.
Step by step instructions to Erase Watched Recordings on Facebook on iPhone, Android
The means are no different for both iPhone and Android telephones to erase the watched recordings on Facebook.
Explore to the Facebook
Tap on the three lines, close to the ringer symbol on the base right side.
Swipe up and grow Settings and Protection.
Then, at that point, select Settings.
Look down to the Your Facebook Data, and go to Action Log (here you can see and deal with your data and a few settings). shows up under the Entrance Your data tab.
Presently on the page, you can see your FB action log or more (Channels, Oversee Aciticty, Chronicle, and Rubbish) choices.
In the event that you don’t channel by Year, then, at that point, an entire considerable rundown from Today will seem showing your video watch history of Facebook.
Set channels of Year and Classification. Pick the Extended time of which you need to erase the Facebook Watch history, and the Class is to be set to Recordings You’ve Watched. Click on the Logged Activities and other Action
Then, click on the Recordings You’ve Watched list, so tap on the three-specks close to the video you need to eliminate from the watch history.
Then, tap Erase.

The most effective method to clear Facebook Watch History on your Macintosh/Windows 11 or 10

The new update has changed the Facebook web interface, which brings every one of the choices and settings of the Facebook application on the Facebook web. What I’m talking about is assuming Settings is situated under the Settings and Security on Facebook, the equivalent goes for the web interface. In this way, don’t get befuddled; it could look new on the off chance that you haven’t involved Facebook for some time.
Login to your Facebook account on any program.
Click on the Heart Image close to the chime symbol on the upper-right screen.
Click on Settings and Protection.
Select Settings.
On the left sheet, click Your Facebook Data.
Then, take a gander at the primary screen and snap Movement Log.
To erase Recordings from Facebook Watched History, set the Channel to Recordings You’ve Watched.
To do as such, click on the Channel choice, close to the Movement Sign on the left side.
Pick Recordings You’ve Watched. Alternatively you can likewise pick the Year to erase the recordings from a specific year.
Save Changes.
Presently, the rundown of Facebook Recordings you’ve watched will be shown.
Drift the mouse on the video and snap on the three-dab menu.
Ultimately, Erase the video.