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How to download Tiktok videos without watermark

How to download Tiktok videos without watermark? It is not easy to download streaming videos for offline viewing, let alone to download them without watermark. With plenty of third party download tools in the market, StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader stands out. It allows users to download streaming videos as MP4 files without watermark, which prevents you from the compatibility issues. You can not only download online movies and shows from Tiktok with high quality up to 1080p, more than 1000 other streaming services are all covered by this StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader.

Up until August 2018, Musical.ly was a prominent short-form (15 second) video streaming and sharing app with over 100 million users. Users may lip sync and produce hilarious or entertaining movies using a variety of music and speech options provided by the programme. Musical.ly was extremely popular, and certain content producers were inducted into the hall of fame as a result of their entertaining material on the platform.

Source – Neil Patel

However, in August 2018, the app was acquired by ByteDance, a Chinese business, and its users were transferred to Tik Tok. All of the material and accounts from Musical.ly were moved to the new Tik Tok app instantly.

TikTok has had a tremendously successful year, and as more users join the app and start sharing content, more popular videos are escaping TikTok and becoming viral on other platforms like Twitter.

Whether you have an account on the app or not, you’ve probably seen a few TikTok videos come up on your page, and you’ll always be able to tell it’s a TikTok video since it’ll have a watermark of the TikTok logo and the original poster’s name appear intermittently during the video.

This measure is in place to prevent content from being stolen and republished without attribution to other accounts or sites, but it might cause issues for individual creators.

When you save a TikTok to your camera roll and wish to preserve the original video you recorded before uploading it to TikTok but neglected to save the unedited footage, you may discover that you can’t remove the watermark from the video.

Some TikTok users, however, have found success with a website called snap.tik, which allows users to download TikToks without watermarks — despite the fact that snap.tik is not associated with TikTok in any way.

This software should not be used to erase watermarks from other people’s videos, since the watermark function ensures that original creators are always acknowledged for their work.

  • To begin, you must first obtain the download link from the TikTok you wish to use. To copy the link, open the app, hit the share icon on the video you want to share, and then press the blue ‘Copy Link’ button.
  • Go to snap.tik’s website.
  • After pasting the URL to your preferred TikTok, click the green button.
  • To receive the video, click on one of the download links.

You’re effectively utilising this website at your own risk because it’s not associated with TikTok, but it’s an alternative if you’re attempting to recover an un-watermarked video that you forgot to save.




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