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How to clear cache on Firestick

The Amazon Fire Stick is a terrific gadget that lets you watch nearly any streaming service, from Netflix and Hulu to live streaming services like Sling and DirecTV Now. Amazon’s streaming service and movie shop, as well as hundreds of applications and games, are also available to you.

You’ve undoubtedly observed that the more you use your Fire Stick, the slower it becomes. If you’ve had a Fire Stick for a while, you might wish to delete the cache on it to make it run faster, especially if you use Kodi. This article describes what cache is, how to utilise it, and how to delete it from your Fire Stick.

The allocated space where a device keeps all of the functions and data that are regularly utilised in an application is known as cache memory. Apps can start up faster and work more effectively with this sort of storage. For example, if you visit a page with Google Chrome, the browser will save frequently used information so that the next time you visit it, it will load quicker. The cache is comparable to main memory, but it is optimised for faster, lighter tasks.

Applications, as you might expect, store a variety of data that can ultimately slow down your smartphone. It’s a touch ironic, given that the cache memory’s job is to keep things moving quickly. This is why it’s critical to keep the cache for each apps up to date. Some applications use a lot more cache than others, so start with the ones you use the most. The more data an app processes, the more cache memory it is likely to have.

If you’re experiencing trouble with a particular app, the good news is that cleaning cache on the Fire Stick is simple.

Navigate to your Fire Stick’s main menu. Go to “Settings” and then “Manage All Installed Applications” once you’re there.
To access information like file size, data storage, and cache size, select an application.
To clear all of the temporary files, go to “Clear cache.”
It will take a short time to delete the cache, however the precise duration will depend on the size of the app’s cache. Repeat this process with as many apps as you want.

Kodi is an app just like any other, although it’s likely to have a considerably larger cache than other apps. Because they enjoy the well-known software, users discover a way to install it on the Fire TV Stick. If you’re one of these folks, your cache will most likely be considerably worse than it is for a regular Firestick user. So, go through the same steps as before, but make sure you select Kodi first. If your device is slowing down and you have Kodi loaded, this is most likely the cause.

Regardless of whether you use Kodi or not, it’s a good idea to clear your cache on a regular basis to maintain your device in good shape. When you install unauthorised apps like Kodi on your Fire Stick, it slows down the most. If you have a Fire Stick that you’ve loaded with applications and other add-ons, it’s critical to clear the app cache on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to erase everything at once. You must delete the cache for each Fire Stick app separately.

Make sure you don’t press “Clear data” while cleaning cache in any app.
The “Clear Data” option removes everything from settings and preferences to cached data and stored data from the app. The procedure resets the app to its factory settings. Your device should now operate considerably quicker, and you’ll have more room for installing additional apps, provided you haven’t mistakenly erased everything.

Your Fire Stick will not only run apps faster, but it will also save a lot of space, allowing you to download more apps.



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