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How to edit or convert pdf file for free?

Learn How to edit or convert pdf file for free in easy steps

PDF which stands for Portable document format is used by people for many official purposes. It is preferred over word files since a PFD document keeps the content in the file intact even in the cases that you open the same file on other devices. The only drawback of using a PDF file is that you can not edit it.


Many often you need to edit your PDF file which isn’t an easy task and not for free. If you need to edit your PDF file you need to convert your PDF file into a Word file. Changing a PDF file into a Word file typically takes one minute. In this simple guide, we will elaborate on three ways with which you can edit or convert pdf files for free.

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 How to edit or convert pdf file for free-

Method 1-

This method is the easiest method out of all three to with which you can edit or convert pdf files for free. You can work this method out on your PC and even on mobile phones. Follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Head to the  www.hipdf.com webpage.  www.hipdf.com is a website that is a one-stop solution for all of your PDF problems. After the homepage of this website loads, you’ll find a number of options like edit PDF, PDF to Word, and Merge PDF, and more.
  2. All you have to do is click/tap on the ‘PDF to word’ option.
  3. Your next step is to click on the ‘choose file’ option and then choose the PDF file you wish to convert by clicking on ‘Open’.
    One thing you need to note is that you will be required to log-in to use this website. However, once you log in you can use this website unlimited times that too free of cost. In case you don’t log-in you can only use this website twice a day.
  4. Once you select your file, click on ‘Convert’ and that’s it.

Method 2-

For this method, you have to have the Microsoft Word application on your PC or mobile. All  You simply need to do is open Microsoft Word on your PC or cell phone and open the PDF document you require to edit or convert. When you open the PDF you will get an option of Edit which you have to click/tap on.


Method 3-

Likewise, you can also use Google Docs to change over any PDF into word files. For this, you simply need to open the Google Drive application on your phone or visit the drive.google.com site on your PC. Simply ensure that you are signed in to your Google account to do the task.

When you open the Drive application, select the file that you need to convert.

When the document is transferred, you need to locate the ‘Open with’ option. On mobile phones, you can find the option with the menu which is situated in the upper right corner.

At that point, you need to open the file with ‘Google Docs.’ It will change over the pdf document so you can edit it. Make sure you have the Google Docs app when operating for the same in mobile.



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