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How to Edit a YouTube Video to Make it a Hit – Professional and Easy Tools

Recording videos with your phone couldn’t be easier today. More people choose to make Vlogs with phones and upload them to YouTube. Or if you use YouTube to post advertisements to potential customers, you need to do some editing to make them get noticed. To achieve this, you have multiple choices. YouTube provide built-in editing features like trimming videos. But to make yourself a more popular YouTuber, you need more advanced software. Now let’s take a look at the excellent YouTube video editing software and best video editing apps for YouTube.

Part 1. How to Edit Video for YouTube Professionally with the Best Software

Vidmore Video Editor is your best choice for sure. Whether you’re new to YouTube video editing or experienced YouTubers who want something new, Vidmore Video Editor will meet your needs. You can choose the basic features like trim, crop, combine, rotate and flip videos, etc. It provides advanced features like enhancing video quality, adjusting effects, adding watermarks, and stabilizing videos. 

What’s more, over 300 formats are supported by Vidmore Video Editor. You can literally import any video format to it. The processing speed is fast and you don’t need to waste your time waiting. Even if you are a beginner, you can handle it well for its intuitive interface. You can acquire it both on Windows and Mac. Now follow the steps and learn start your editing journey:

Step 1. Acquire the software

Download and install it from the official website linked above. Then launch it.

Step 2. Edit basic effects

Choose Rotate from the main interface to enter the editing interface. Under Rotate, you can rotate your video 90 degrees or flip it.

Under Crop, you can change the area size of your video to remove the unwanted parts.

Under Effect, you can change the Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue to achieve your wanted result.

The Enhance features are surprising. If your video is blurry, check the box of Upscale resolution. The environment where you shot videos is noisy? Don’t worry. Choose Remove video noise. There are more to explore.

You can also choose to add watermarks for your videos to protect your copyright. Check the box of Enable watermark and edit the Text as you want. Surprisingly, you can even add Picture as your watermark.

Step 3. Clip video as you want

Choose Advanced Clip from the interface. Here you can change the video length by dragging the progressing bar or change the time in Start and End. Click the New clip icon to add several clips.

Step 4. Merge videos

Click Video/Audio Joiner and enter the joining interface. Click Add File in the center or directly drag them to import your files. Select the videos you want to merge and click Save.

Step 5. Convert video format

There are certain video formats which are not accepted by YouTube. You can easily convert your video to available formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. with this video editor conveniently.

Part 2. Easy-to-Use Video Editing Apps for YouTube

Editing videos on your phones is convenient since many people record videos with them. With the apps recommended below, video editing can be super easy. If you pursue convenience, choose one app from down below:

My Movie

My Movie is an easy-to-use video editor for YouTube. It provides you with multiple editing features like adding music, effects, transitions and text to video. The basic editing feature like trimming allows you to split video into clips and export them in high quality, which upscale the visual experience of your video. Merging videos is also available for sure. If you want more, stickers and filters add more flavor to your videos. Unfortunately, not all features are free and you’ll see ads while using it. All in all, it’s still a useful editing app which deserves a try.

Vlog Star

Vlog Star, which you can tell from its name, is a Vlogger-friendly app. It is an all-in-one video editing tool which helps you make better Vlogs. Besides the basic cutting, you can do PIP videos to make reaction videos with it. For Youtubers, you can just search videos and record your reaction directly. Other stunning editing features like ending screen templates and filters are also provided for your need. But you need to upgrade to the pro version to get a watermark-free video or keep the ads away.


VLLO is an excellent video editor and maker. It’s super easy to handle and it’s a good choice for YouTube starters. Without payment, you can edit and get a watermark-free video easily. You can change the background of your video and add animation effects to your video to make it more attracting. Both basic editing needs like clipping, background music and advanced ones like fading in/out and high-quality output will be satisfied here. Try it and experience the surprising editing process.


This article walks you through two ways of editing videos for YouTube. If you want your video more professional and with high output quality, you can give Vidmore Video Editor a try. It’s powerful video editing software which allows you make stunning videos for YouTube or combine GoPro videos together. Editing videos on phones can also be available. Just choose one app and get started with it. Hope this article can help you from a YouTuber beginner to a Pro.



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