How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android

Technology evolved a lot in the last decade and brought a lot of convenient inventions to facilitate humans. Advanced technology indeed improves our thoughts and way of life. We get a lot of facilities due to modern technology. But at the same, modernism also puts us in a dangerous zone in many aspects. Security or privacy is one of those aspects that face a lot of trouble. Here we are going to discuss How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android.

Billions of people in today’s advanced world are using smartphones. People spend most of their time searching different social media platforms and the internet. But many don’t know complete information about the android system, its functions, and the apps installed in it. In some cases, it is quite normal not to have expertise in understanding Android’s function. But we also need to understand that we put a lot of our personal information on our smartphones. That information has a very close link with our professional and social life. If we ignore the security impacts on our data, then it can cause serious damages to our life.

Some people may install a spy app on other’s Android to keep an eye on their activity. For example, parents install spy apps on their kid’s phones for checking their regular phone activities. Sometimes your partner can also do that to check your loyalty. 

It is hard to know that some unauthorized person has checked on your mobile without your permission. We have gathered some information about the hidden spy in your Android. You can also get information to find hidden spy apps that can detect a spy wandering in your Android.

There are several ways to get rid of the spyware from your phone. One of the best ways to protect your phone is by installing the ClevGuard spyware detection app. It is the best app to detect spy or malware from your Android and ensures the safety of your data.

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android with ClevGuard

As a human, we mostly rely on the Internet and our focus on Internet information security rises. The ClevGuard is an application for Android to detect spyware and malicious files, it is also helpful to detect spyware on Android devices. You can easily use the Internet with the ClevGuard app

Features of ClevGuard Anti-spy App

  • ClevGuard is one of the super, all-in-one anti-spyware apps for android that helps you surf the internet without any fear. 
  • It serves as the best scanner of files and adds the malicious content in the blacklist or white list.
  • This app notifies its user if they detect any insecure app is installed on the device.
  • It scans the third-party applications.
  • ClevGuard anti-spyware app works constantly 24/7 properly.
  • It provides real-time protection of your system and highlights the malicious or suspicious content if found during scanning.

How to Use the ClevGuard Anti-spy app?

ClevGuards needs very simple steps to follow. Once you install this spyware detector, you do not need to worry about your data safety.

Step 1: Install the ClevGuard app from Google Play Store. After installation, you can scan your phone files easily. 

Step 2: Open ClevGuard App and click on the “Scan” button to find all hidden spyware. It is a powerful spyware scanner for scanning your phone, detecting, and cleaning spy apps.

Step 3: Check the Scanning result and remove the spyware radically in a few seconds. After scanning you can see the result of your phone, choose “Fix” to remove malicious software, or you can “Ignore” trusted app and “Report” uncertain ones.

Here are some tricks that can help you to know if your Android has any spyware:

Automatic rooting even you did not do that

The process of rooting cuts off the Android with some security levels is to control the device completely. This process is not very difficult and needs some technical information to handle. But it is also not as simple as it can happen accidentally. If your Android is rooted without your knowledge, then someone may hack your smartphone.

It is not necessary that malware or spyware enters only during rooting of Android. It can also be installed without rooting. The inbuilt security system of your Android inhibits some features of malware and does not allow it to work properly. For proper working of malware, hackers root your device first and then attack their desired data or function on your mobile.

If you find that someone has rooted your Android without your permission, then we recommend you install the ClevGuard app for advanced security functions. This app will help you to scan the device completely and detect invisible malware.

Sudden high data-usage

Usually, spyware enters an android and transfers a great amount of data from hacked phones to other servers provided by the hacker. A hacker, once hacks your device, can open your chat boxes, read and send messages, and also can track your location. It needs a lot of data to transfer data from your phone to the hacker’s server. If you find out about high use of data suddenly, scan your phone to check if any malware is in your device.

Certain people who know a lot about you 

If somebody knows your location or who you have been texting or calling, even if you never told them, it is alarming. There is a chance that someone is checking your mobile activities. Maybe any close person with you has installed spyware in your phone for financial or personal reasons.

Check your phone to detect unrecognized apps

Sometimes we install apps and games and use them sometimes but forget about them later. The folders or pages of these games or apps may have some malware. To detect malware is simple. Just check your phone and all installed games and apps. Some of the apps and games are not even officially developed on the Google play store. It is a bad habit of the young generation to download unofficial apps and games. They can bring a lot of bugs with them. So do some research on Google to find out if these installed apps have some security rules.

Check out the permissions given to your apps

It may take some time to check which app you have given access to your camera, gallery, phonebook, location, and microphone. We know that it is the time taken but also very important. This manual checking can show you the spy apps tracking your data secretly. If you are not satisfied with this checking, then install ClevGuard. This app will save your time and detect spyware for you.

Check the location symbol of your device

Android phones can display the location sign at the notification bar. The bar is located at the top of the screen. It is noticeable if you find that sign constantly appearing without using an app that needs a location. For example, maybe a hidden spy app is working behind and tracking location.

Is Google play protect disabled?

Google Play Protect is a built-in scanner for malware and viruses. It automatically runs in the background of the app and scans every app before or during installation. If you find it disabled or not working efficiently, we recommend you check the security system of your Android. There may be spyware creating a mess with Google Play Protector.

When you receive any strange emails and messages containing some kinds of links, it may be dangerous to open them. These messages usually contain very attractive offers like play a game and win $500, or get a free meal, etc. Do not open or click these messages and delete them immediately. When you open these messages, they may ask you to provide your information for registration in the prize box. We suggest you avoid and delete it. It is the only safe way to protect your Android from that kind of malicious content.

Sometimes when you install or download a game or document from the internet, you are asked to click on a link popping on your screen for successful downloading. When you click on that link and start downloading your game, the downloading folder also carries some scripted codes that contain malware. Due to this malware, hackers can get the opportunity to trap your Android easily. When you get such pop-ups on your browser, you recommend that you read them all and check them carefully. You must avoid clicking on yes or OK options quickly. Restore your device if you find a lot of strange notifications on your android browser.

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android – Conclusion

The spy apps in Android have both negative and positive purposes. These apps are very beneficial for the use of security authorities to keep a check on criminals. Parents also install these apps in their teenagers for their security. But these apps can also be used by negative people. They bring a lot of destruction to someone’s life. So, you have to know How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android and need to check your Android frequently to save it from malware. We also suggest you update the version operating system (OS) of your Android constantly. You can also install the ClevGuard app to get rid of all spyware easily.