How To Get Deku's Smash Myth
How To Get Deku's Smash Myth

How To Get Deku’s Smash Myth

The collaboration of My Hero Academia and Fortnite has been live now and all the players will be able to have their first-hand experience with Deku’s Smash mythic weapon in the online gaming adventure.

One of the leading names in the adventure gaming series Fortnite has been teaming up with My Hero Academia game in its recent progression into the gaming adventure industry. This collaboration will be adding new gameplay features to the game. since the last couple of weeks, the fans of the fortnight will be able to set My Hero Academia quests along with some awesome Deku’s Smash item usage into the fortnight game.

Fortnite players are already obsessed with the My Hero Academia crossover's  OP Deku Smash | GamesRadar+

The feature of Deku’s Smash is considered to be one of the extremely funny and powerful items which can be used in the game, also this feature is considered to be e a hard-to-use feature in the first place in the game.

The process of getting Deku’s Smash in Fortnite

The players who are playing the Fortnite game will be able to complete the limited-time My Hero Academia quests in the game until 7 PM ET on 29 December 2022. During this duration, the prayer will be able to get some extra points and earn free game items from the game.

In the Fortnite game at one of the Quest, the fortnight fan player will be required to get Deku’s Smash – a mythic My Hero Academia weapon. In achieving the process the player will be required to look at particular options only in the game and not all over at the RNG and the chest loot of the game. The Player will be able to find these Deku’s Smash inside the supplied rocks of All Might’s supply drops along with that the player will be able to find them inside the special My Hero Academia vending machines in the game.

Deku’s Smash Atom is considered to be one of the most powerful products in the game and it can deal as the top 110 damage potential in the game. Along with that it is is having the potential to be used three times before it will appear in the player’s inventory in the game. The player is allowed to have 50 seconds to cool down so that the players will be able to prevent the game from spamming them during the progression of the player in the Fortnite game.

Now the Fortnite game is made available for free play feature on mobile along with that the game is also available on the hardware devices like PS4, ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and switch. The game can be also played on PCs.