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How To Get Golden Lure in Pokemon GO
A guide on Getting Golden Lure in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go enthusiasts now have a new lure module to enhance their gameplay, the Golden Lure Module, which was introduced alongside the debut of the elusive Roaming Form Gimmighoul. This unique item comes with specific requirements for obtaining it and operates differently during events. Players must complete certain tasks and consider strategic usage before they can acquire and make the most of the Golden Lure Module in Pokemon Go.

Credits – SpielTimes

The Golden Lure Module in Pokemon Go is a special component that can transform any PokeStop into a golden version. Once activated, this module rewards players with Gimmighoul Coins every time they spin the Photo Disc at the PokeStop. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of encountering the rare Roaming Form Gimmighoul, making it a valuable asset for dedicated trainers.

Now, let’s delve into how players can obtain their first Golden Lure Module and the limitations they need to be aware of when using it during gameplay. In order to obtain a Golden Lure Module, players must send five Postcards from their Pokemon Go account to a Pokemon Scarlet or Violet file on the Nintendo Switch. This exclusive module is granted as a bonus to trainers on their fifth consecutive day of gifting multiple Postcards to a Pokemon Scarlet or Violet player.

To send a Postcard from Pokemon Go to a connected Pokemon Scarlet or Violet account, follow these steps. Firstly, access Pokemon Go’s Settings and select “Connected Devices and Services.” Next, tap on Nintendo Switch and choose either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. Once these steps are completed, navigate to the Poke Portal in Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet and select “Mystery Gift” followed by “Connect to Pokemon Go.” Confirm the pairing by clicking on “Pair with Pokemon Go” and share a Postcard with the paired account. Finally, reopen the Mystery Gift menu and select “Connect to Pokemon Go” to receive the Postcard. Keep in mind that this connectivity feature requires the latest updates for both Pokemon games and can only be used once per day. By sending five Postcards to a Nintendo Switch account, players will be rewarded with a coveted Golden Lure Module.

When it comes to utilizing the Golden Lure Module, players must drag and drop it onto a PokeStop to activate its effects. Once activated, trainers can spin the Photo Disc every five minutes to receive various prizes. Essentially, the Golden Lure Module transforms the PokeStop into a Gimmighoul Coin vending machine for a duration of 30 minutes.

Here are a few key points to consider when using the Golden Lure Module. Gimmighoul Coins obtained from a Golden PokeStop are awarded in intervals of five. Each player can spin a Golden Lure Module a maximum of six times. It is important to note that Golden Lure Modules are not stackable, meaning you cannot use multiple modules simultaneously. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the module spawns wild Pokemon and not Shiny Pokemon. Furthermore, during the Festival of Colors event, the Golden Lure Module remains active for its standard duration of 30 minutes, rather than being extended to three hours as the event’s effects do not apply to this specific module.

Moreover, trainers can take advantage of the Golden Lure Module by spinning the Golden PokeStops of other players, which enables them to earn Gimmighoul Coins even if they don’t have a Golden Lure Module active themselves.

In conclusion, the Golden Lure Module in Pokemon Go provides an exciting new gameplay element, allowing players to collect Gimmighoul Coins and encounter the elusive Roaming Form Gimmighoul. By sending Postcards to a connected Nintendo Switch account, trainers can obtain this special module and enhance their PokeStop experience. However, it’s important to consider the limitations of the Golden Lure Module, including the interval of Gimmighoul Coins, the maximum number of spins, and its non-stackable nature. By familiarizing themselves with these aspects, players can optimize their usage of the Golden Lure Module and make the most of this valuable addition to their Pokemon Go adventures.