How to get GTA V enhanced version on Xbox

Rockstar’s re-visitation of Los Santos is presently out however certain individuals are uncertain about how to get the cutting edge GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced version on Xbox Series X and especially PS5.

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Interactivity exhibitions have shown that the stacking times are a lot quicker on current-gen equipment contrasted with the PS4 and Xbox One. Also, there are different contrasts in illustrations and interactivity like 4K and 60 FPS with haptic input for Dualsense regulators.

The game is accessible to purchase and play at this moment, yet it is honestly lumbering to find on PlayStation.

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Step by step instructions to GET NEXT-GEN GTA 5

The best way to get the cutting edge GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced release are through getting it from the PS5 or Xbox Series X Microsoft store.

If you game on an Xbox console, you can undoubtedly observe it on the MS store for £17.49. In the interim, if you play on PlayStation, it costs £8.75 and you can buy it from the PSN store on your control centre.

Just follow the beneath steps:

  • Begin your PS5
  • Continue to the PSN store
  • Search Grand Theft Auto V
  • Click the game and select the three dabs close to download or the game’s cost
  • Select view item and this will take you to GTA Online
  • Click the three dabs again and select Grand Theft Auto V (PS5)
  • Purchase the game

You can get the cutting edge GTA 5 Online for nothing on PS5 given you are a PS Plus endorser.

Assuming you brag about participation for Sony’s membership, you should simply guarantee the game free of charge before the death of 90 days. Tragically, assuming your game is on Xbox, you want to get it Online for £8.99 on the off chance that you need it independently from the story mode.

Xbox players might feel screwed as the expenses for them is higher than on PlayStation. Be that as it may, even though this is valid, you will need to purchase the game now as opposed to later as in 90 days Expanded and Enhanced will cost £34.99 on all stages.