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How to get the Recipe and Ingredients for the Edurus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy
A guide on getting the Recipe and Ingredients for the Edurus Potion

In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, players can become unstoppable by creating and using potions. One such potion is the Edurus Potion, which can significantly enhance a player’s combat capabilities. It’s a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when facing powerful foes with deadly attacks. But before players can use it in combat, they need to obtain the recipe.

Credits – HogwartsLegacyWiKi

The recipe for the Edurus Potion is relatively easy to obtain, but it may require players to save up some money. They can purchase the recipe from J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade for 300 Galleons. This price may seem high, but compared to some other potion recipes, it’s reasonable. Players who haven’t unlocked Hogsmeade yet can do so by continuing the story until they visit the village with Sebastian or Natty.

The Edurus Potion is incredibly useful in a difficult fight. It greatly increases players’ defences by turning their skin rocky, allowing them to take much more damage before going down in a fight. This effect lasts for 20 seconds, making it an excellent tool against enemies that are of a much higher level than the player. It can also help conserve Wiggenweld healing potions over the course of longer dungeons or any other long activity.

To drink an Edurus Potion, players need to select it from the tool wheel and then press L1 or LB or the corresponding key on the PC. However, before players can even think about using the potion, they need to brew it. Brewing an Edurus Potion requires the use of a Potions Station. Players first unlock a Potions Station after attending their first Potions Class, but they can obtain more Potions Stations in the Room of Requirement.

The Edurus Potion has two ingredients: Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel Fur. Both of these ingredients can be purchased from J. Pippin’s Potions, but it’s often more cost-effective to find them in the wild instead. Ashwinder Eggs are fiery red eggs found near rocky cliffs in the open world. On the other hand, Mongrel Fur is obtained by defeating Dark Mongrels.

While the Edurus Potion is powerful on its own, it can be made even more effective with a certain talent. Once players unlock Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy, they can spend them in the Room of Requirement Talents section to increase the efficacy of the Edurus Potion. There is only one talent that modifies the Edurus Potion: Edurus Potency. It’s a Level 5 Room of Requirement Talent that makes the player invincible and deflects projectiles back at enemies.

In conclusion, the Edurus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when facing tough enemies. Players need to obtain the recipe from J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade for 300 Galleons to use it. They must also make it using a Potions Station, Ashwinder eggs, and Mongrel fur. While the potion is already powerful on its own, players can make it even more effective with the Edurus Potency talent. By following these steps, players can become unstoppable and emerge victorious in even the toughest battles.