How to get to vex incursion zone

As you go in Destiny 2, you’ll need to explore a variety of locales and set pieces. Nevertheless, it’s not always obvious where something is or how to get there. Waypoints can make navigation more difficult than it would be if they weren’t present. The location of the Vex Incursion Zone in Destiny 2: Lightfall may be found here.

How To Find Vex Incursion Zone In Destiny 2 Lightfall
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You’ll be seeking another area to have fun in once you’ve completed the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign. What you need to do is figure out where the Vex Incursion Zone is in Destiny 2. In this area, the Vex are more frequent, which might result in whole unique occurrences. For anybody wishing to advance their Strand subclass, Vex is a fantastic source of Strand Meditations.
The core of several late-game tasks, Vex Incursion Zones are great locations to farm Quibits for the “Unfinished Business” questline. They are also a good area to farm exotic weaponry when the public event “Vex Strike Force” starts. You not only get to slog through a lot of Vex, but you also receive some glistening goodies on top of it. So where in Destiny 2 can you discover the Vex Incursion Zone?
How to Locate the Vex Incursion Zone in Lightfall in Destiny 2
On Neptune, there is a region called the Vex Incursion Zone that has a high Vex concentration, but it rotates. Once per day, the zone will change, and a specific location on the map will show where it is in Neomuna based on the colour of the rain that is pouring.
For instance, the Vex Incursion zone is located in Liming Harbor if you’re playing on March 2, 2023, the date this article was created. The rainbow animation you need to locate the zone may be seen in the image below.
It isn’t as clearly indicated as a lot of the other game elements. The Vex Incursion Zone must be found to finish the Maelstrom quest, and if you don’t know this helpful tip for finding it, it can take a very long time to discover.
This should make it clearer where the Vex Incursion Zone is located in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. To get ready for the raid, there is a tonne of work to be done. About everything you require for Destiny 2, we offer a tonne of useful tutorials. Check out the instructions for gaining access to Neomuna’s extra landing zones.