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How to get transcript of YouTube video on Android smartphone

YouTube Android now includes a transcription feature that allows users to jump to a specific point in the video by following the timestamps.

How to get transcript of YouTube video on Android smartphone

Source: Gadgetsnow

YouTube Transcript has been released for Android, and only a few users have received the update. The Google Play Store is where you can get the most recent version of the YouTube Android app. So, once you’ve enabled this feature, you won’t have to watch the entire video if you only need a portion of it. You can skip to the time or position in the video that matters to you using the new transcription option.


By reading the text next to the timecodes, you can also get a quick overview or content summary of the video.

If you haven’t yet received the feature on your Android phone, keep in mind that it is a server-based update that will arrive eventually. This is how YouTube Android’s new video transcription works:



  1. Simply search and play for a video that may have the timestamps if you have the most recent YouTube app on your Android smartphone, and the update has been pushed by Google.


  1. You’ll see the timecodes in the video description once it’s life and if the YouTuber has included them. Simply tap the Show Transcript button to see the transcript.


  1. Between the provided chapters (if any) and the More (uploads) from the channel section, you’ll see the timestamps with their short descriptions populated like a list.


  1. You can scroll through it and tap on the blue-coloured timecode that corresponds to the video’s current time.


Although we haven’t received the update, it is said to be similar to the YouTube Transcript on desktop, with the exception of the ability to quickly search through those lines using a keyboard command.



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