Tesla named 'most trusted' brand developing fully-autonomous vehicles

Consumers pick Tesla as “most-trusted” brand for autonomous vehicles
According to a recent survey, Tesla topped consumer perception

A study was conducted, published by AutoPacific which showed consumer perception of fully autonomous vehicle technology. Tesla was named as the “most-trusted” brand in the autonomous vehicle aspect. It was considered along with fifty automotive brands which were given during the study to consumers.

Tesla named 'most trusted' brand developing fully-autonomous vehicles
Image credits- Business Standard

Tesla topped the list, earning 32 percent of the votes and beating out Toyota with 19 percent and BMW with 18 percent. “With 32% of consumers, Tesla claims the crown for being the most trusted brand for developing safe and reliable fully-autonomous vehicles,” the study said. “This likely can be credited to much more ‘buzz’ surrounding the automaker’s pricey and controversial Full-Self Driving driver assistance tech in which current Tesla owners are able to sign up as volunteers and help demo the Level 2 semi-autonomous hands-free capability for Tesla’s own R&D efforts.”

Furthermore, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite is available to anyone who purchases a vehicle from the automaker and wishes to shell out the additional $12,000. It is not a fully autonomous system and requires driver attention at all times. Tesla does have a Beta program for the Full Self-Driving suite, which qualifies drivers based on a Safety Score that is calculated based on driver behaviors. The Beta fleet has over 60,000 users, and CEO Elon Musk stated it will be released in Canada sometime next week.

Other trusted brands

After Tesla, Toyota was the second-most trusted brand in the survey with 19 percent of the votes. “The brand in early March started rolling out its first Level 2 semi-autonomous hands-free driving aid for the hydrogen-powered Mirai’s 2022 model year,” the study said. “Perhaps not surprisingly, the younger the consumer, the more who trust Tesla while the older the consumer, the higher the trust swings for Toyota.”

Interestingly the company to make the Top 10 list is Apple. Despite not having a vehicle, although rumblings have indicated one could be in the works, 13 percent of people chose Apple as their most-trusted brand. Apple’s credibility as a software company and tech magnate obviously makes it a credible choice. However, with relatively no real progress on its EV production, and no products in the pipeline as of yet, Apple remains highly credible and could develop an autonomous vehicle within the decade, as the company promoted Kevin Lynch to release the Apple car with a fully-autonomous driving system in November. Autonomous vehicles are being developed by automakers, with many more advanced levels than earlier. It is essential to know if people are aware of the brands, the work that the automakers do, and many more things.