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How to hide chat on TikTok live

TikTok’s strength in the online media domain is clear nowadays. Since its dispatch, the brief video-sharing application has aggregated countless clients around the world (689 million as of January 2021) and has impacted the substance system of basically every other online media application.

Source: Screen Rant

Source: Screen Rant

Even though TikTok has impacted various other unmistakable online media applications in different ways, it has additionally affected its more established companions. TikTok was eminent for permitting content makers to live-stream themselves inside the application. This has brought about some unimaginable material, however, a few elements of the application’s live interface come up short.

To dispose of the flood of remarks that show underneath your live video, there’s a method for doing as such. Keep perusing to figure out how to conceal remarks under a TikTok Live video.

In specific live transmissions, the makers need their watchers to have the option to comment and interface with them. However, it’s reasonable to assume it isn’t you! In some cases, you simply need to communicate your live stream without managing an interminable surge of other clients’ considerations streaming across the screen.

Fortunately, TikTok has to underlie a few controls that let you wind down the capacity on.


Steps to hide chat on TikTok Live


The initial step is to sign in to your TikTok account. At the point when you’re on the primary screen, press the “+” image in the fundamental toolbar.

The in-application camera work shows up straight away.

Then, at that point, from the base menu, hit the Live tab.

At the point when the Live menu shows up, press “settings,” which ought to be shown on the screen’s right-hand side. A slider will show up, and assuming that you turn it off, it will keep others from remarking on your live streams by any stretch of the imagination.

Relax to transform it back anytime! The change isn’t long-lasting, and you can rapidly re-empower remarks on Live recordings by rehashing the means and returning the slider to its past position.

In contrast with its rivals, TikTok’s new component accommodates an altogether better level of profundity and detail with regards to living stream settings, exhibiting by and by why the wonder video-sharing application is at the highest point of the web-based media game.

There doesn’t have all the earmarks of being a technique to cripple the remarks that presentation on the base and side of standard TikTok recordings that you might see in the standard. Remain tuned for extra insights about that capacities when future moves up to the application are delivered.



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