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How to hide likes on twitter

Being dynamic via web-based media offers you an incredible chance to communicate with others.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter

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Notwithstanding, certain individuals try to avoid being noticeable to other people and need more protection concerning which of their exercises others can see.

One of these choices is preferences or top choices on Twitter which educate individuals a ton concerning your inclinations.

In addition, Twitter will utilize these likes to find out about your preferences and recommend more presents compared to the ones you enjoyed.

On the off chance that you’re keen on figuring out how to conceal likes on Twitter, keep perusing this post.


The most effective method to Hide Likes On Twitter

Sadly, there’s no obvious method for concealing your tweets from others, either devotees or non-supporters.

The main choices accessible are workarounds that represent a few different limits to your record, and you ought to perform them provided that you’re frantic to eliminate or conceal your preferences.


  1. Go Private To Hide Twitter Likes From Non-supporters


On the off chance that you don’t need others to realize what tweets you like, you can conceal those top choices from them.

By going through these settings, you’ll make your record private, and to see your action, they need to follow you.

Nonetheless, by making your record private, you’ll pass up many possibilities of cooperating with others and jumping on the chances of utilizing this open stage.


To go private:

In the wake of signing in to your Twitter account, go to your profile by tapping on the “Profile” symbol in the upper right corner.

  • Open the dropdown menu and find “Settings.”
  • Select “Security and Privacy.”
  • Click on “Security” and look at the crate close to “Ensure my Tweets.”
  • Select “Secure” to make your preferences, tweets, and answers to others’ tweets apparent to your supporters as it were.


At the point when you make your record private, a few different things happen that you should know about.

To follow you on Twitter, first, they need to send a solicitation, and afterwards, you can either acknowledge or dismiss their follow demand.

Even though your tweets, retweets, and likes are apparent to your adherents, they can retweet or remark on your tweets.

That is the compromise you need to make between more protection and less communication.

At the point when you make your tweets ensured, they become imperceptible to all web crawlers, including Google.

If somebody looks through your tweets, profile, or the catchphrases in your tweets, web crawlers won’t show your substance to them.

Just your supporters can look through your tweets and profile.


  1. Get Your Likes Back


To conceal your preferences on Twitter without making your record private, there’s another strategy you can attempt.

Go to your Twitter “Profile” and snap on “Top choices” in the dropdown menu.

Presently you can see every one of the tweets you’ve at any point preferred.

Find and tap on the particular tweet that you’ve favourited and need to stow away and tap “Unfavorite.”

You can choose however many tweets you need to stow away from others.

In any case, this choice may not be the most ideal one for you since you’ll eliminate the like, and no one, including the record whose tweet you loved, can see your like.

You might need to conceal these preferences from specific individuals, not the proprietor of the record.

Additionally, you want to pick the tweets individually and eliminate their preferences.



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