How to hide orders on Amazon

If you partake in an Amazon account with your mate — or allow other people to use your Prime login — you might
sometimes want to hide an order from your history. That way, you won’t reveal the surprise of a birthday gift, or your
kiddies won’t see commodities they shouldn’t when shopping for academy inventories. The sophisticated way to
obstruct your Amazon orders is to library them so they don’t show up in your regular orders list. The option to the library
order is exclusively possible when browsing Amazon on your computer or by handling your phone’s web cyber surfer in
desktop mode. Then’s how to do it.

How to Hide Orders on Amazon

Method-1 Hiding Manually

1. Log in to Amazon and click Returns & Orders in the top ­right corner.
2. This will display you a list of all the effects you’ve ordered in the once three months. Scroll through the list until you
procure the order that you want to hide and click “ View Order Details.” If you don’t perceive it, use the hunt bar to detect
3. For the item that you require to hide, click “ Archive Order.”
4. Also, click “ Archive Order” again.
5. It’s still reachable, in the order library.
You can pierce it on Amazon’s Archived Orders runner. To discover it on Amazon’s website, go to Accounts & Lists>
Your Account.

Method-2 Set up Amazon Household Rather

Archiving orders to a little ­given section of the stoner interface isn’t a great result, to be honest. Sure, it works, but
someone curious could still fluently find the order details. Rather, if you have Amazon Prime, there’s a much better
result Amazon Household.
Amazon Household lets you partake in your Prime benefits and digital content with another grown­up and up to four
teens and children. This means that both you and your mate can have your own Amazon accounts, order each other
whatever secret gifts you like, and get the same free delivery options — without paying for an alternate Prime account.
No more account­ sharing is demanded.
It also means that you can set your teenage kiddies up with their own Amazon accounts so that they can order effects
with your blessing, but they won’t be suitable to pry through your order list to foresee what they’re getting for Christmas.
To set up an Amazon Household, head to the Amazon Household runner and follow our full walkthrough.