Source : Business Insider

How to hide photos on iPhone

These days, iPhones have so many new capabilities that it’s difficult to keep track of them all… or even realise they exist. We understand. Those characteristics, on the other hand, can be highly beneficial. All of this leads us to the iPhone’s “Hide Photo” function. You should utilise it for more than simply the sake of having it. There are a few reasons why you would wish to conceal photographs, and we’ll show you how.

Source : Business Insider

Start using the iPhone’s “Hide Photos” feature

  • Find the photo you wish to hide in your photo gallery. To pick a photo, press “Select” in the top righthand corner, then tap it.
  • Next, press the “Share” symbol — a little box with an arrow pointing up from inside it — in the bottom left corner of your screen. Don’t worry, you’re not actually going to “share” it.
  • Then, after scrolling through your share options, hit the “Hide” feature, which is indicated by an eyeball with a line across it.
  • Tap “Hide Photo” when requested.
  • That photo is already in your “Hidden Album,” which you can access by going to your photographs and scrolling all the way down to the “Utilities” section, where it says “Hidden,” which is indicated by the same eyeball icon as previously. To see your hidden photographs, tap “Hidden.”

Using the Notes app, password-protect photos on your iPhone

  • Tap the Share icon after opening the image to be secured.
  • Tap “Add to Notes” from the centre taskbar, then “Save.”
  • Open the Notes app, then choose the note containing the image.
  • In the top right corner, tap the Share icon.
  • Scroll down to the “Lock Note” symbol on the bottom task bar and press it.

Compose a password and a hint if this is the first note you’ve locked, then click “Done.” Your note will vanish when you press the lock symbol in the upper right, and you’ll have to tap “View Note” and enter your password to see it again.

Hide a photo on your iPhone with a text message

If you don’t want someone to find a photo in your photo app and you’re worried they’ll look in Notes (or another photo app you’ve downloaded), send the photo or note to yourself as a text message and then erase it from your photographs. Your image will be available but difficult for others to find unless someone snoops through your texts.