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How to hide WhatsApp chat without archive

The need to hide your WhatsApp chats is not a new scenario for regular WhatsApp users. But hiding your chats isn’t that easy. WhatsApp is a new age social media platform. There is hardly any mobile company that does not offer compatibility with this popular app on its phone. But like any other popular social media platform, Whatsapp is also far away from fault free Technology. Like any other social media platform, it has its backdrops. one of which is not being able to hide WhatsApp conversations. however, there is an archive tool with which we can conceal our chats in WhatsApp. however, it is not very suitable because it tends to pop back up in case a new message arrives. This tendency completely defeats the reason to archive the chats. If this bothers you as well then GB WhatsApp is your answer. GB WhatsApp is a third party program for Android to assist you in considering your child’s without using the archive tool. GB WhatsApp can be said to be a modified version of WhatsApp with many sophisticated tools.

so let’s get into the steps to hide your WhatsApp chat successfully easily without having to use the archive tool.

Step 1 to start with the first fall install the GB WhatsApp into your Android device.

step 2 once you are done installing the app, next you will have to authenticate your contact number and complete the following steps. The steps are almost similar to the ones you perform after downloading WhatsApp.

step 3 press and hold the chat you want to hide.

Step 4 And as you do it the 3 dots menu will pop up on the right on the top of a screen.

step 5 click to access the drop-down menu. Next tap on the hide option.

Step 6 Once you click on the hide option A pattern lock screen will appear. Put in the desired screen lock.

Step 7 To access your hidden chats you will need to put in the pattern lock screen.

Thus, safely keeping your chats away from the people whom you don’t want to see.
And boom!! you are finished setting up and hiding your chats. You have successfully hidden your WhatsApp conversation without much complication and with a password to give it the major possible security.





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