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How to highlight in PDF

Adobe Reader is a robust PDF reader and editor that is suitable for both desktop and mobile use. The application is compatible with the desktop operating systems Windows and Mac OS, as well as the mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

Source – Adobe

It’s core themes are interoperability and consistency. PDF documents can be read and edited on mobile and desktop devices of any size; this distinguishes PDF reader from other desktop-based or online PDF editors.

Syncing is enabled via the developer’s own cloud storage system, which is an optional but extremely useful component. Desktop users can continue reading or working on their mobile devices, and vice versa, without having to rely on third-party services to get their PDF files onto their devices. The apps take into account different display sizes but are very consistent in terms of user interface, functionality, and user experience.

When it comes to viewing and editing PDF files, all PDF Reader applications provide an intuitive experience. The top of the programme window displays all editing options. At the top,  main groups are displayed, each of which expands more options when selected.

On a Desktop :-

  • Launch Adobe Reader XI and open your PDF.
  • Click the Comment button (top right) or go to View > Comment > Annotations from the menu bar. On the right side of the screen, the Comment pane will appear.
  • Choose an annotation tool from the Annotations menu, then click on the document where you want the annotation to appear. To draw lines or shapes, use the tools listed under Drawing Markups. This function allows you to highlight text.

On a Mac, you will have a programme called Preview installed by default. This also includes annotation capabilities. From the toolbar, select the Annotate option. The annotation tools are located at the bottom of the document.

On a Mobile Version :-

  • Use the Adobe Reader App to open your PDF file.
  • To access the App toolbar, tap the top of the screen. Tap the Adobe Reader App Annotation Icon: adobe-reader-app-annotation-icon.
  • Choose an annotation tool: comment, highlight, strike-through, underline, text, or pen.
  • Draw your annotation on the document to make it.
  • To save your annotation, click Save (top right).

To delete or change an annotation, first open the Annotation toolbar (steps 1-2), then tap the annotation you want to change. A popup menu appears, allowing you to change or delete the annotation.