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How to Install and Set Live Wallpaper on Android

Bored out on seeing a similar Monotonous picture on your showcase? Do you wish you could carry new life to your Android screen? How about we see how to Set Live Wallpaper on Android and find new ones.
What Is Live Wallpaper?

We are all common with static wallpaper beautiful images we use as a backdrop on PC, Tablet, and Smartphone devices. Though Live wallpapers are more better and dynamic which users can communicate in some ways. They are animated or run when the device is moved or a user communicates with the screen elements.

Ways to Find, Install & Set up Live Wallpaper

There are various ways to start using Live Wallpapers on Android. All devices come with pre-installed apps that let you choose one and start promoting instantly. And you can also buy or free download more from the google play store. Also, some apps let you make your graphical interactive pictures or Gif images. Below you’ll find everything you would like to understand .

How to Use Pre-Installed Live Wallpaper?

Each gadget accompanies Pre-Installed Live Wallpapers showing the maker’s style, topic, and brand plan. Just go to the home screen, tap, and grab space. In a few moments, a popup menu will appear, mentioning the wallpaper settings where you’ll choose the one you wish .How to Install Android Live Wallpaper Apps?

-Open Google Play on your gadget’s home screen.
-Look to one side on the top menu until you see ‘Classifications,’ at that point select it.
-Scroll down the list until you see ‘Live Wallpapers,’ at that point select it.
-Browse the variety of available apps. You can select ‘Top Paid,’ ‘Top Free,’ and ‘Top Grossing’ on the top menu to view the most famous wallpaper in every category. Once you discover something wish to install on your device, select it.
-Select ‘Install’.

Likewise, you can also download a live wallpaper apk file from a trusted origin and install it. Sometimes reported originators share their apps on various panels. Just make sure it’s not malware.
-Setting up new Live Wallpaper
-Most of the live wallpaper apps allow many settings and customizations. Follow the steps below to set them up.
-Go into the ‘Settings’ menu of your device.
-Select ‘Display.’
-Select ‘Wallpaper.’
-Select any one of ‘Home Screen’ or ‘Home and Lock Screens.’
-Select ‘Live Wallpaper,’ then choose the one you connected from Google Play moments ago.
-Select ‘Set Wallpaper,’ and you’re all set!

Can live wallpapers have sound?

Various Live wallpapers hold sound and let users associate with some parts that react with sound. For example “Space Battle” is a video game-oriented live wallpaper that has cool sound impacts.



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