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How to install Android 12 beta on your device

Recently, Google officially announced the launch of the latest version of the Android operating system, known as Android 12, at its annual developer’s conference, I/O 2021. The latest version of the operating system comes with a slew of new and exciting features, such as new animations, changes in the privacy policy, new visuals, security features, etc.

Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/android-12/

Along with the announcement about Android 12, the company also discussed its developer preview for its series of Pixel smartphones and a few devices from other brands, such as OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi, etc. If you own one of the eligible devices that is not from Pixel and wish to download and install Android 12 beta, here is how to do so.

The three basic requirements to download Android 12 beta are:

  1. Android install file, which you have to download from the official website.
  2. Functioning internet connection to download and install the update.
  3. A backup, because Android 12 can be very unstable, so make sure that you have backed up all important files and data prior to installing the beta update.

As part of this program, you will also receive some updates, which are pre-release versions. These may contain defects and errors that might impact the way your device normally functions.

It is important for you to note that you cannot unenroll and go back to a lower public release version of Android before wiping all data that has been locally saved on your device. You might possibly face issues when trying to restore a backup.

To download and install Android 12 beta on OnePlus smartphones:

  1. Download the latest ROM upgrade zip package, but for now, OnePlus has removed the package link due to negative feedback from multiple users.
  2. Transfer this downloaded zip file to the local storage of your device.
  3. Go to Settings > System > System Updates > Press the icon on the top right of your device’s screen > Local Upgrade. Choose the corresponding installation package > Upgrade > System upgrade completed to 100%.
  4. Once the installation is done, press Restart.

To download and install Android 12 beta on Xiaomi smartphones:

  1. Download the Android 12 beta package for your respecting smartphone using this link: https://www.mi.com/global/service/support/androidsbeta.html.
  2. Use the Xiaomi fastboot installer method to download and install the update on the device.

To download and install Android 12 beta on Vivo smartphones:

  1. Download the Android 12 beta package for IQOO7 using the link https://developer.vivo.com/doc/detail?id=103.
  2. Copy the file to the storage of your smartphone.
  3. Go to Settings > System Update > Local Upgrade, where you can find the software package. Choose “Update now” when prompted to do so.
  4. Await the completion of the upgrade.



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