How To Install Mods For Stray

How To Install Mods For Stray

This guide focuses on how to install mods for Stray. There are currently not a lot of mods available for Stray, a cat-simulation adventure, but those that exist, and which have been heavily tested, can be found on the Stray page at Nexus Mods.How To Install Mods For Stray It is really easy to install this mod, you simply copy-paste a few.pak files in the cat-simulator Stray directory, as explained on the official mods page. To install cosmetic mods, you will have to move their corresponding.pak files to your Stray folder. If you were ever curious to customize the cat’s main character in-game, the game mods would be a great choice to go for.

While some mods aim to enhance Stray’s overall performance and gameplay, others will modify your cat’s main character. Since the game’s debut, players have been modding their cats in the game. Players are adding their own cats to the game, modding the titular Stray Cat to be their very own customized feline. Creators began taking requests and commissions for creating mods that modify the protagonist’s cat to anything you want.

Players who bought Stray started modding their cats so they could play the adventure as their adorable pets, which is simply the most adorable thing we have seen. Almost everyone has fallen in love with Stray’s world and characters, in fact, so much so that a huge portion of mods available are literally inserting players’ own cats into the game.

How To Install Mods For Stray
Credit @ Nexus Mods/ norakpl

Stray has finally allowed us to play the game with our own feline companions, and who better to modding Stray with than everyone’s favorite cats? While Stray may be making all of you feline fans happy with their amazing cat-based game, Happy Puppy Mod is meant for all of you doggo lovers out there.

Since Stray is available on PC, as well as PS4 and PS5, there are mods available at least on Windows that change the look and feel of its digital equivalents. The default skin is supposed to replace with a modded version the moment Stray opens. Mostly, the mod is just to make the game look more colorful, by tuning color adjustments within the game. New mods are added daily to the game, so you will not lack mods for customizing the gaming experience.

For better or worse, ever since the release of “Strays” last week, developers and Nexus users alike have been hard at work creating various mods for the game. This tutorial will explain how you can add custom mods for your cats in Strays, which will allow you to play as Garfield, GTAs CJ, and others. Cosmetic mods are relatively easy to install, but they allow you to play with different cats, such as Siamese, a black cat with mustaches, and others.