How to invert colors on chromebook

Hello there let’s go through the google Chromebook tip this one has to do with something called high contrast mode. You might call it weird inverted images or negative images or something having to do with the color of the Chromebook on the screen that is just the opposite of what it normally should be. What it is is an accessibility feature for those who have a visual impairment. What I can do is help you out with this issue today it is a keyboard shortcut to turn on and off this feature. All right so what I’d like to do is jump on down to my top-down view down there of the Chromebook and you would see you’ve got this on right. 

How to Invert the Colors on a Chromebook in 4 Steps
Source: Business Insider

Simply press this particular sequence of keyboard shortcuts to do this. You must use the control key while searching, followed by the letter “h” for happiness. You should press the button once to instantly transform the Chromebook screen from a positive or regular display to a negative one; pressing it again turns the device off. Acceptable, so it will ask you whether it’s okay to enter high contrast mode the first time you do this. It turns on and off when you press okay. Okay, so this has the bad side effect of student gadgets.


For instance,  if they’re logged into more than one student device what I’ve noticed here is if you have a Chromebook logged in as the same student if you turn on high contrast mode on this Chromebook the other will Chromebook automatically turns into high contrast mode as well. There you go it just had it so what you might often get from your friends is ‘hey you know I turned that on at school but now whenever I log into my Chromebook it’s like this and that’s the reason is it was and the reason is that it was turned on on one login profile and then it’s copying over automatically to another. 


So we can just turn that off again to control search and then it should within a few seconds turn that off on the other Chromebook first in it as well so anyway I hope that resolved the issue for you again control search there we go that turned that off.