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How to Know When It’s Time to Redo your Brand and Update your Logo

The fact is that no brand logo can stay fresh or relevant forever. As times change, so do design norms and sensibilities. Companies and businesses also change, and the powerful logo that spoke volumes when you started the company years ago may no longer reflect the new changes. Such are the times when you know rebranding and updating your logo is necessary. Redoing your brand may mean much more than tweaking your logo or simply altering the color scheme and fonts.

Your logo forms an essential component of your business identity. It must be a strong icon that reflects your brand or business. As one of your most highly visible marketing elements, you must ensure the logo is working hard towards strengthening your brand image in the minds of potential and existing customers.

Having said that, how can you know it’s time to rebrand and update your logo? Let’s look at several important considerations. Whether you are going to create your own logo online, or hire a professional designer, it’s time to refresh your logo. Try this online logo maker https://www.logomyway.com/logo-maker/

Logo is Outdated

When your company branding is so old that you can’t even remember who initially designed your website or your logo, then it’s certainly time to consider rebranding. It’s possible that when the logo was designed, it looked great, but with the passage of time, it now looks very outdated. A logo redesign will help keep your brand looking fresh and not out of touch.

Having a logo design that screams the 80s could cause much harm to your brand image and your potential for attracting new customers, especially if you are targeting the younger generations. If you feel or think that your branding looks rather outdated, don’t wait. It’s time to invest some money and time on a bespoke logo design that people will easily recognize and connect with.

Company is Evolving

When you first started the company and got the logo designed, in all probability, it perfectly represented what your business stood for. Companies evolve and grow over time. Rebranding and a logo redesign could just prove to be what you need to herald the new direction. A good example is BP.

To match their growing focus on environmentalism, they introduced a stylized sunflower projecting modern shades of green and yellow. Another emerging trend is where formerly brick-and-mortar companies or institutions are developing their online presence. The State University of New York (SUNY) has radically changed its logo from a stereotype academic shield to a modern Web-type button logo to reflect its online presence.

Company or Business is Growing

When your brand is ready to grow to new heights, rebranding might be a good idea. If, for example, you are expanding to a new location, launching a new line of products/services, a new brand image may be the right move. You could also be looking to gain a competitive advantage as you prepare for new growth. The rebranding also allows you to grow and enter into a new market with a new and unique set of ideas. An updated logo will also make you more recognizable.

Need a New Image

Does your current logo remind your customers of some nasty experience with your company? If so, it may be vital to replace or redesign your brand logo. You need to completely wipe the slate clean by having a new image. You need an icon that can help you in attracting back the old customers while also pulling in new customers; putting old problems where they belong, in the past.

Your old logo could have been designed with complex details. If your company has one of those archaic and complicated emblems, you may want to consider an upgrade. Often, logos carrying lots of details don’t translate very well into digital icons. If your business or company was established before the digital age, you may find that while your logos look awesome on letterheads, it doesn’t do too well on a digital ad creative.

Need to Synch Logo with Rebranding

Maybe your business or company hasn’t changed dramatically but how you are presenting it to the world has. This could be through a repositioning or rebranding effort. Whenever you undertake such an initiative, ensure your logo also becomes part of the effort. Even if you think the old logo looks great, it may be an excellent idea to give it a polish. The logo reflects your brand and the two must be on the same page at all times.


When your company or business brand is not reflecting what you do, who you are, and the value you currently offer, it’s definitely time to consider rebranding. Think of rebranding like a personal makeover … a better look that reflects the new you; the haircut, the latest outfit, and the works.

Rebranding is how you want your current and potential customers to perceive you, the brand identity. It’s a refresh that updates the visual elements of your company.



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