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How to make your personal blog popular

The ultimate aim of a blogger is to make a blog popular. Every blogger wants to get more people to read the content. However, you have been wondering, “why am I not popular?” The answer is not just having great content. Without more people reading your blog, the content will be of no value. Bloggers have to do anything possible to get their content out there. Indeed, popularizing a blog is not an easy task. It is not something that can be done overnight. For a new blogger, getting significant traffic will come with time. However, do not be discouraged when you are incapable of generating more traffic. Give your blog time to grow. The following tips will teach you how to get your blog noticed.

Customize Your Blog Design

There are millions of blogs on the Internet today. What will make people view content on your blog? Of course, individuals are looking for something unique. You have to ensure that your blog has a unique design. People will visit your blog if it is well-designed. Without an outstanding design, users will move on to other blogs.

The design will determine how much time visitors will stay on your site. A poorly designed blog will push readers away from your site. They will find it challenging to navigate on your blog, hence leave. When you are setting up a blog, ensure that the design is good. The following measures will improve your design:

  • A blog should be dynamic. Blogs are meant to engage meaning that they cannot be static. Users are interested in a blog that is dynamic and engaging.

  • Proper use of headers. Use headers to capture the attention of readers. Take time to decide on the titles for each article.

  • Internal linking. You should link all the related articles within your blog. Go ahead and link to other relevant external sites. The aim is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the users.

  • The use of visuals. Include images, videos, infographics, and GIFs among others to enhance the text.

  • Short paragraphs. Break up long paragraphs into relatively shorter ones. Long paragraphs discourage users from reading the entire article.

Be a Guest Author on Popular Blogs

One of the effective ways on how to become a famous blogger is to be a guest author on other blogs. Some bloggers think that writing on other blogs will drive traffic away from their sites. On the contrary, it works to increase traffic to your blog. If you are a new blogger, people do not yet know what you can do. When you write a guest post, readers will notice what you are capable of doing. Some popular blogs allow new bloggers to showcase themselves. When you get such an opportunity, use it to prove what you can do.

While it is essential to write on other blogs, you may find yourself struggling with writing. You may not have developed your writing skills since you are starting. In such a case, you need to play safe and ask for assistance from a custom essay service. This will ensure that your guest post is:

  • Of high quality. An expert writer will work on the article

  • Well-researched. Essay writing service writers take the time to research before writing article

  • Unique. The essay will be written from scratch, which guarantees you of high quality.

  • Delivered on time. You will have the article delivered on time so that you can post it as expected.

Do not shift from the purpose of the blog

You want to reach more readers and this may tempt you to write on diverse issues. However, this may work against you since readers do not know what to expect from your blog. Since your ultimate aim is to be a famous blogger, start by defining the target audience for your blog. Identify the readers you wish to serve and devise ways of reaching them.

For instance, you may start a blog to address technology issues. Do not shift to trending topics merely to get more traffic. You may end up losing readers who visit your blog for topics on technology. When you stick to the purpose of your blog, your consistency will increase loyalty.

Give Something to Download for Free

People love free things. When you want to get more people to read your articles, think about what you can give them for free. Blogs that make users pay for everything limit their reach to only those who can afford the materials and are willing to pay. Since your aim is to become popular, then you have to find a way of giving premium materials for free. You can give the following for free:

  • E-books

  • Audiobooks

  • Online classes

Consider how some of the essay writing services operate. These services sometimes offer already written papers to their clients for free. When students get these free samples, they will be willing to pay for other papers in the future. Offer free things for the time being and you will reap big in the future. In case you need help with writing, you can find already written essays at Perfectessay.

Leverage social media

You need to take advantage of social media platforms to promote your content. For a start, post links in your social media pages and in groups. Social media makes it easy for others to share your content. You do not even need to incur any costs. Take advantage of the people who follow you to get your content out there. Leveraging on social media is what makes a blog successful nowadays.

Use search engine optimization (SEO)

Make your blog SEO-friendly. Remember that other blogs are trying to get the attention of readers. SEO will ensure that your content is ranked higher by the search engines. SEO is critical for your blog. If you are a student, you probably have a lot of work to do. This means that you lack the time to ensure that your site is SEO-friendly, while at the same time doing your assignments. You need to ask for help from write my essay company with your essays or coursework so that you can dedicate more time to optimizing your site.

The following measures will ensure that your blog is SEO-friendly:

  • Choose an appropriate domain name. A domain name will assist search engines to determine what a blog is all about.

  • Undertake keyword research. Identify the keywords that are relevant to your articles that your site becomes more visible to search engines.

  • Optimize the title tags. Ensure that the tags are short. Use the primary keyword in the title tag.

  • Have unique metadata descriptions. You should note that metadata descriptions do not influence rankings directly. However, they enhance the click-through rates of the search results. The metadata descriptions will appear below the page title in the search results and assist visitors to know what the page is all about.

Conclusively, if you have been wondering how to be more popular, this article contains some of the major things you need to know. As indicated, having great content is good, but it cannot generate the amount of traffic you need. You need to take more steps to ensure that your articles reach a wider audience. Of course, this is not an overnight thing. It will take time for your blog to become popular. All you have to do it to make progressive steps towards increasing the number of visitors. When you put the outlined tips into use, you will notice an improvement in your site. You will notice that more people are accessing your blog.



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