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How to make your smartphone’s battery last longer?

What is that one thing you carry around with yourself, almost always? No we’re not talking about your heart, but your smartphone!
With all that a smartphone has to offer, what is it that is takes? The sleek shiny bodies of the phone, the amazing camera quality and everything else fancy of it, takes up a lot of energy!
And no matter how much you keep it in charging, its pretty hard to conserve the battery of it. Various factors contribute in draining up the battery of your phone’s life. From taking away your peace of mind to making up environmental concerns. batteries of phones have taken a toll over everyone’s life.

Make your battery long lasting

Fortunately, here we are with a number of options for you to make your smartphone’s battery last longer.


Here is how to make your smartphone’s battery last longer-


Know what takes up the most energy.

With each charge cycle your smartphone’s battery corrupts marginally. A charge cycle is a full release and charge of the battery, from 0% to 100%. Halfway charges consider a small amount of a cycle. Charging your phone from half to 100%, for instance, would be a large portion of a charge cycle. Do that twice and it’s a full charge cycle.


Do not let it get too hot or too cold!

If your phone gets very hot or cold it can strain the battery and shorten its lifespan. if it’s hot and sunny outside or below freezing in winter, leaving it in your car would probably make you the worst culprit.


Do not fall for the fast-charging

Slow and steady wins the race. Never knew this could be true in this case too! More slow you charge your battery the better, so if its all the same to you moderate charging for the time being, pull out all the stops. Charging your phone from a laptop can certainly take a night but also prevent your battery from draining.


Do not drain your battery less than 20% or keep it less than

Long gone are the days when phone were charged till their battery bars were full for a week still had some life to go.


Smartphone batteries work in an alternate manner. It focuses on the battery to deplete it totally or charge it totally. Smartphone batteries are most joyful in the event that you keep them above 20% limit and beneath 90%. To be incredibly exact, they’re most joyful around half limit



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