How to switch from iOS to Android?

Switching with your operating system is like shifting your house to a new place. It’s a strange feeling, but with the right help, everything works out super smooth. Here we will tell you how to switch from iOS to Android.

While iOS has its own facilities and luxuries, Android is still no less. If you have just switched from iOS to Android, welcome to Team Android. You’re going to love it here.

Switch from iOS to Android!
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How to switch from iOS to Android?

First things first-

Whenever you switch from iOS to Android, the first and foremost thing you should do is to copy your contacts. Thanks to the user friendliness of Android, this task is easy peasy lemon squeezy. With everything now on clouds, all you have to do to copy your contacts is sign into your google account in the android phone. And Bam! All the contacts right there in a tap with a single username and password.

Copy your calendar.

Just like in the case of contacts, shifting calendar is significant yet easy. You can do it easily sync it with google like you did with Photos.


Collect your photos

Changing from iPhone to Android doesn’t mean you need to give up each one of those valuable photographs. It is awful to lose them during the time spent changing to Android, isn’t that so? You could presumably do things the old way and physically move records like a caveman. Or on the other hand you can be a smidgen more insightful and take advantage of the great available storage we currently approach.


Transfer your Music

When changing from iPhone to Android, you can generally move your music the old design way, by physically moving records from phone to phone. All things considered, for some of you, it’s likely simpler to just transfer your tunes to Google Play Music, however. Obviously, this is given that you have all your music on your PC.

We will accept you are utilizing iTunes, for evident reasons. Try to go to iTunes and download any music you may have bought from your phone and isn’t spared locally.


Get yourself the right apps

You can’t just duplicate your applications from iOS to Android, yet it’s simple enough to discover the majority of the equivalent applications in the Google Play store. All the enormous hitters are there, so for instance it’s anything but difficult to track down all the key online media applications, Spotify, Netflix, etc.