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How to migrate to a new Windows PC?

Congrats on your new PC! But sorry for the hard work you have to put up with to migrate to a new Windows PC. There are so many ways for you to transfer your old computer’s files, apps, and settings to your new PC. We’ll tell you about it all in detail. The most hassle-free way to migrate to a new Windows PC is to catch a cloud storage service.

You will be surprised to know that the cloud storage system can work wonders. It will assist you to transfer from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 one, or from one Windows 10 PC to another. However, if you want to move more than just files, also the apps and bookmarks, we’ve got you all covered.

How to migrate into a new PC

source- HP Store

Transfer your files locally

There are many ways to migrate into a new PC locally. It’s highly arguable that all the methods will work in most of the files transferring cases.

Transfer your files directly with help of an external drive

It’s an easy-peasy lemon squeezy task. Plug in an external drive on your old computer. It could be a hard drive, SD card, or thumb drive. The next task is to copy your files in the external drive, eject the device, and then copy it back to your new PC. You might want to check if your external drive has enough space to carry the files or not. Also, keep files and folders organized well enough so you can assort them well.


Transfer files with a File History backup

With Windows 10, Windows 7 has a built-in backup service that allows you to back-up a PC’s folder and files. You can use the same to migrate to a new PC. Windows has given this service the name of File History. Head to the Update & Security section of Settings and et up your backup in the Backup pane. You can choose a device to back up your files in the Add a drive section.

The best thing about this process is that you can customize whatever you want to backup. Fine-tune the backup process with the ‘More Options’ link.

Transferring and setting up apps on your new PC

Despite the restoration technique you use, you in all likelihood will have applications to reinstall, contingent upon what IT accomplished for you in setting up your new PC.

When you get your new PC, get all the apps you need too! Sign in to the apps as per your requirements. You’ll discover some applications on the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. You will have to download the other apps from third party links.

Transferring browser bookmarks to your new PC

When you’re transferring everything else on your new PC, why not always migrate on your new PC with old bookmarks too? There are three ways to transfer your bookmarks to your new PC-

  1. Direct syncing between the same browser.
  2. Syncing between macOS’s Safari and certain Windows browser.
  3. Exporting a browser’s bookmark files to import into a different browser.

The first two methods you just read will keep your browers in sync while the third one will need manual approach. The good news is all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge sync all your bookmarks as long as you are signed into the same account.



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