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How to mirror your MacBook to TV

As the popular notion mirroring MacBook to TV is not an expensive affair involving buying of new hardware as well expensive hardware such as Apple TV or airplay. It is a necessity today to watch your preferable movies and shows on a big TV screen.

But even before starting to discuss the way first of all you should know if your MacBook is compatible with which all type of external video hardware the steps are quite simple, all you need to do is select the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen next click on about this Mac a pop-up screen will appear on your screen click support to move forward then hit the specifications tab on the appearing window.

The web page containing all the information of your MacBook will appear, navigate through the information for video support and read the related information.


As for the guide to be able to connect MacBook to TV there are two different ways the ways have been categorized on the basis of type of TV which is either cable TV for smart TV.


  1. Connect MacBook to Cable TV:


Connecting MacBook to Cable TV will not be of much fuss, if you own an older model of MacBook with thunderbolt or HDMI output just with a simple wire you can easily mirror your MacBook however if you have thunderbolt output make sure you also have HDMI converter cable.


Once, the cable is fixed with the both devices you will need to turn on your mac, select the apple logo once again, followed by “system preferences” and lastly click on “displays” . it would be a wise choice to select “default for display” in upcoming window. For the audio, go to audio section and click on connected tv toggle.


Many a times, the HDMI cable sorts out the video as well as audio. But, if they are not sorted then you will have to connect audio separately from mac’s headset jack.


  1. Connecting MacBook to smart tv wirelessly


Mirroring screen can never be easier with new Macs and apple TVs. All you need to do is switch on the TV and then switch on your Mac, go to the apple logo, followed by going to “system preferences”, then navigate to “Displays” and find and choose your tv from “ AirPlay Display” Taskbar.


If you are not owning an apple tv then you will need to find the app which will support mirroring from that particular brand. Below is the list of such brands and apps.


  1. Samsung TVs – SamsungSmartThing app
  2. Sony TVs – AirBeamTV app


If you are trying to find any other brand then googling it is a great option.





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