How to open an Outlook PST file and what they are.

To recover a solitary email from a reinforcement record, bringing in that entire document of messages into Viewpoint is tedious pointless excess. This is the way to open a PST record in Microsoft Standpoint and peruse the items, no bringing in required.

How to Open a PST File in Microsoft Outlook
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Backing up your messages to a PST document is a decent approach to making a drawn out email chronicle and saving space in your email account. Yet, one potential downside is that it’s not clear how to get to a singular email in a PST record without bringing in the entire document.
Fortunately, Viewpoint allows you to open a PST record without bringing in it, so you can peruse the items as though it is only an organizer. You can peruse the messages, duplicate or move them into your record, erase, answer to, forward, make an undertaking or meeting, and whatever else you can do with customary messages.
To begin with, open the Microsoft Office application, click “Document” and afterward select Open and Product > Open Viewpoint Information Record.
Peruse to the PST document you need to open and snap “Alright.”
The PST will show up at the lower part of the route sheet as “Viewpoint Information Record.”
Peruse the organizers in the PST like some other envelope in Standpoint. You can leave the document open as long as you need, regardless of whether you close and return Standpoint. This makes reinforcement documents extremely helpful for decreasing how much email in your inbox on the grounds that the messages in the PST record exist in that document, as opposed to your web-based account.
Assuming you have different PST documents open, or on the other hand if you need to remind yourself what the record is, you can change its name from the default “Standpoint Information Document” to something more significant

“Standpoint Information Document” should be selected from the menu by right-clicking, then “Information Record Properties.”
Click the “High level” button.