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How to optimize your android phone for the best gaming experience?

Android phones have been a knight in shining armor when it comes to playing games. While the world sets up a whole gaming set-up for playing games with the best experience one can get a better gaming experience than best just on their android phone. But of course, to have that experience you will need to set up your android phone with the best settings.
Do you look out for display, processor, and other gaming features while buying a phone? Do you use your android phone in your free time to play games? Well, it’s time to optimize your android phone for the best gaming experience for playing games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s creed, and also PUBG.

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Here is how to optimize your android phone for the best gaming experience-


1. Do not disturb

Before even tapping on your gaming app to play, be sure to tap on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode! It will keep you away from all the disturbance of the outside world. Your messages and notifications from social media applications will be silenced when you will turn on the Do not disturb mode. Turning this mode on will give you a disturbance-free gameplay experience.

In your android phone, you will easily be able to discover this feature in your notification panel. Switching on the Do not disturb mode can be done in a few taps. Just swipe down your notification panel and turn on the Do not disturb mode.

2. Free Up Some Space

In case your phone lacks storage space it might affect your gameplay experience largely. While playing you are very likely to face lag problems. This happens mostly while you are playing online battlefield games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

To optimize your phone with the best gameplay experience make sure that you spare some space for games to run without lags and glitches. To do the same you will need to get rid of some of your media files. If you need those files you can transfer them to an external hard-drive or your computer/laptop. If you do not need the files, simply delete them.

To get more space you can also delete the apps that you don’t use. Hold press on an app icon for a while and an ‘Uninstall’ option will pop open on your screen.


3. Gaming Accessories

You can make your gaming experience even better by add gaming accessories like Bluetooth controllers, and touch triggers which will make the key response much more smooth and interesting. To enhance your gameplay experience you can get add-on accessories on websites like Amazon India and Flipkart.

4. Low Power Mode

Turning on the low power mode on Android Phones will give you more time to play games since it saves your battery. Android user can enable this mode by clicking on the Battery section on the Android Setting menu.

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