How to pay electricity bill online

Nowadays, everyone values their convenience and relies on smart gadgets to do chores. As a result, India decided to provide a digital payment alternative for individuals to go cashless and save time. Mobile wallets, also known as e-wallets, have been added to the home page to assist with this. Yes, e-wallets are quite useful for completing daily transactions in a few simple steps and within a few minutes. Not only can you use mobile wallets or online payment applications to make day-to-day money transactions, but you can also use them to pay your electricity bills.

Source – India Mart

With the leading bill payment applications, it’s a piece of cake. However, not everyone has the same difficulty in locating the finest power bill paying software. New updates and features are constantly being added to applications. As a result, characteristics like as security, trust, quality, speed, and performance are critical when choosing the finest e-wallet software. We’ll go through the top power bill payment applications for both Android and iOS smartphones in this article.

Here are few of the best payment apps –

  • Paytm
  • Mobiwik
  • GooglePay (GPay)
  • PhonePe
  • FreeCharge


With over 200 million users, Paytm is India’s most popular wallet and online payment app. It has a basic design and a lot of functions to offer users. People may use the Paytm payment app to send and receive money, as well as pay at other stores using the UPI option or the QR Scanner. All of these advantages may be accessed only through your cell phone.

The only thing you need to do before using the Paytm app is link your bank account or create a savings account with the Paytm payment bank. After that, you may shop as much as you want without any problems. You may also use Paytm to pay for all of your utility bills, such as electricity.

Simply deposit the needed cash into your Paytm wallet and make instant payments for all of your requirements.


The most popular online payment app in India is BHIM-Bharat Interface for Money. The primary goal of introducing this software to the general public is to make India cashless. BHIM is a UPI-enabled software that allows you to make safe, simple, and quick digital payments using your phone. It offers a lot of great features, such as One-Time Mandatory Payment Scheduling (a new feature), money transfer, check balance, QR Scanning, UPI payment, and so on.

You may arrange your payments and receive reminders about your scheduled bill payments with the aid of a one-time scheduling function. As a result, you will not overlook any due payments.

You may also get a lot of good deals by using the BHIM App to pay your power bills. As a result, download the app on your Android or iPhone and begin paying bills using BHIM in only a few taps.


In India, Mobiwik is a hassle-free and high-speed recharge and bill payment app, as well as a UPI app and money transfer digital app. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most popular mobile payment apps for all online payments, online shopping, and recharging. You may use MobiKwik to pay for mobile prepaid recharges, postpaid bills, utility bills, electricity bills, water bills, insurance payments, and DTH recharges.

Using the Mobiwik mobile payment software, you can pay your electricity bill in just a few steps. All you have to do is touch the power option on the front page, select your operator, and enter your consumer number. That concludes our discussion. Now click on the Pay Now button to complete your power bill payment. You may also receive the best deals on paying utility bills with the Mobiwik App.

Google Pay

Tez was the original name of this app, however it was later changed to Google Pay, then it was shortened to GPay.

With GooglePay QR Scanner or Pay option, you may transfer money to pals, pay bills and buy goods online, phone recharge, pay at a local café, hotels, shopping malls, and more. GPay does not need any kind of identification. Connect to your personal bank account to send money to pals or pay bills quickly. You can pay for your energy bills, gas, water, DTH, mobile phone, and other necessities with ease.


Phonepe is the finest India payments app for money transfers up to Rs.1 lakh per transaction, quick refunds and cashbacks from partner merchants into your Phonepe wallet, and many more features. To accomplish everything in the Paytm app, KYC should be required. Phonepe is a secure, dependable, and simple method to pay using your phone.

As a result, Phonepe is beneficial not just for paying power bills, but also for other services. It entices consumers by rewarding them with discounts, cash backs, and other incentives when they make a payment. As a result, download the phonepe app and become cashless everywhere in India.


Users of Android and iOS devices, rejoice: the freecharge app now allows you to go cashless. Freecharge is another another excellent energy bill payment software established in India for the convenience of Indian residents. You can pay your energy bills, as well as gas, landline, mobile/DTH recharge, and broadband bills, with the Free Charge app.

It also includes a Deal function, which allows you to buy deals starting at Rs1 and going up for fast digital money activities like as buying or paying bills. In India, the Freecharge app for paying electricity bills is available for Android and iPhone.