How to play YouTube in background of an iPhone

Let’s assume you’re backing up the driver in your companion’s vehicle. It’s Friday night, and you’re playing music from your beloved YouTube playlist. Then, at that point, somebody requests that you look into bearings. Since your iPhone is now associated with the vehicle’s sound system, when you leave YouTube, the music stops and everybody in the vehicle all things considered moans.

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YouTube sweethearts have since a long time ago communicated alarm over this burden. There used to be a method for getting around this by exploring YouTube utilizing Safari rather than the YouTube application and playing music from that point, however that stunt has since been fixed out.

That implies that, tragically, the best way to play music from YouTube behind the scenes is to pursue YouTube’s paid membership administration, YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium expenses $11.99 every month for a solitary record ($6.99 per month assuming that you’re an understudy), or $17.99 per month for six records in a “Family Plan.” Signing up will dispose of all promotions on YouTube recordings, permit you to download recordings to watch disconnected, and give you admittance to both “YouTube Original” recordings and YouTube Music, the webpage’s music real-time feature. Furthermore, you’ll get the capacity to pay attention to sound from YouTube recordings behind the scenes, even while utilizing other applications.

This is the way to pursue YouTube Premium, and begin paying attention to YouTube at whatever point you need behind the scenes.

The most effective method to play YouTube behind the scenes utilizing YouTube Premium

To begin with, you want to pursue YouTube Premium.

  1. Explore the YouTube Premium landing page, which can be viewed here.
  2. Click the blue-button that says “Attempt IT FREE,” which will open a window for you to enter your installment data.
  3. Enter your installment data and postal division. YouTube Premium offers a one-month free preliminary. So if this is your first time joining, you will not be charged the $11.99 expense until a month has passed. YouTube may notwithstanding, charge you a $1 expense. At first to ensure that the installment data you’ve given them is legitimate. This dollar ought to be discounted inside a couple of days.


  1. The YouTube account you used to pursue Premium will be quickly conceded. Admittance to every one of the new highlights of Premium.

Presently, this is the way to play tunes behind the scenes.

  1. Open the YouTube application.
  2. Explore the video that you need to pay attention to behind the scenes.
  3. When it begins playing, go ahead and return to your telephone’s home screen, and open other applications. You can interrupt and play the video’s sound from the iPhone’s Control Center. By opening it and holding your finger down on the music tab briefly.


However long you’re preferred YouTube Premium. You’ll have the option to pay attention to YouTube recordings without having the application open.