How to post anonymously on Facebook

I’m going to demonstrate how to post anonymously in your Facebook groups today. This is intended for Facebook group members who want to remain anonymous to the Facebook group they are a part of. Okay, so the first need is that you belong to a Facebook group where anonymous posts are enabled. where did you learn that? You can tell this because there are two buttons—anonymously or post—when you visit your Facebook group. Okay, I’ll explain how it appears on your phone in a Facebook group.

PSA: You Can Now Post Anonymously in Facebook Groups
Source: CandyMag

When you go to write something, you’ll want to do it for a parenting group that supposedly has this setting or choice. When you touch on it, a button-like option appears at the top of your post. You may toggle on or off anytime you wish to utilise it. Toggle this on if you wish to post anonymously in this scenario, and a list of guidelines or things that will happen when you pick will appear. You may then decide whether you wish to post anonymously, in which case your message will be seen as coming from a group member but won’t include a name.


You can just make a post and include any gif you want to it, but it will be uploaded anonymously. Since it won’t have your photo on it and will instead have the icon of a suspicious person or whatever. If you want to publish anonymously, what happens? Your message won’t contain your name or your picture. But the administrators of this Facebook group will be aware of it. The person publishing it, and the group will have access to it.


Once the administrators or moderators of this group have given their approval. Then you may pick what to publish anonymously and write whatever you like. That’s how you will post an anonymous message. What transpires, therefore, if you don’t see this option? This means that if you are not a moderator or administrator of this Facebook group, this feature is not available. There is nothing you can do about it. However, if you are an administrator of this group, you can turn on this feature. You can request that your Facebook group administrator make it available for you.