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How to protect your phone from getting hacked
Protect your privacy and data from being stolen form your phone

Earlier this year we have seen an influx of data and security breaches of top political leaders, journalists, and human rights activists. Even if these are singular incidents by individual hackers or repeated incidents by centralized organizations working on a contract you need to take precautions when it comes to protecting your information. here are a few tips on how to protect your phone from getting hacked

Tips on how to protect your phone from getting hacked

  1. Rebooting your phone, experts now say that it is best if you reboot your phone once every week. It won’t stop the damage but it will make it harder for hackers to keep access and infiltrate through your phone.
  2. Always ensure to install software updates, don’t keep postponing the inevitable here is a more convincing reason why you need to update your phone on a regular basis. Delaying updating your phone can expose you to vulnerabilities that would have been addressed in the new update.
  3. Jailbreaking your phone is also not advised unless you are an expert, which can disable many technical safeguards on your phone.
  4. Install legitimate applications, especially Android users as the app-vetting process is not as strict as it is in Apple.
  5. Installing security software will alert you when there is any malicious activity on any applications.
  6. Do not leave online sites unlocked, though it might be a hassle to remember the passwords of each online site it keeps you more secure if a situation of the breach is to take place.
  7. Be cautious of open wifi, anyone will be able to snoop in on your activity on the internet. If you happen to use it anyway make sure you use a VPN tool that routes you to an encrypted private route.
  8. Lock individual apps making it harder and tiresome to get through your information across apps. Secure important documents and files with a passcode.
  9. Another way you can take precautions is if you have a smartwatch if you come to realize that your smartwatch has lost the Bluetooth connectivity with your phone then you can surmise that it might be an intrusion by a third party.

Securing your phone may be tedious but is necessary if you want to keep your information intact and protect. know more on how to secure phones from hacking here.



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