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How to buy shares in Robinhood’s IPO
Guide on how to buy shares for Robinhood's much anticipated IPO

Robinhood; Retail investors trading platform

Robinhood an American financial services company is issuing IPO’s with a valuation of $35 billion. The trading platform has faced its fair share of mishaps this past year with SEC looking into possible criminality in Gamestop stock, Warren Buffet accusing them of having similar workings like of a casino and facing legal repercussions for causing investors ‘significant harm’ and handed a $70 million fine by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The company, however, does not seem to be phased which can be attributed to its popularity among retail investors in general. The platform is said to deliver to the retail investor’s needs for the recent launch of IPO Access, Robinhood’s dedicated IPO platform, for the first time gave access for retail investors without the requirement of a minimum account balance ensuring that anyone can participate and invest in a company before they go public.

Average trading volumes show a promising trajectory for the growing user base, in 2021 the trading volumes were at 14.7 billion up from 10 billion in 2020 and 7 billion in 2019.

If you want to know how to buy Robinhood IPO, read further.

How to buy Robinhood IPO

  1. Open IPO access, currently listing Duolingo, Robinhood, and Riskified. Choose Robinhood
  2. In the upper right corner of your screen, you will see an option “Request to buy HOOD” then click “Im interested“.
  3. You will then see a pop-up asking you to “confirm your eligibility“. You will have to read through their flipping policy and the risks of purchasing an IPO and click “I agree
  4. For “Request to buy HOOD” fill in how many shares and their price range.
  5. How Allocation Works” window will pop up explaining even if you request shares, you might not get them. Press the “start request” tab to continue.
  6. Next, confirm how many shares and their price range. keep in mind that this is a conditional offer to buy and doesn’t become an active order until Robinhood prices its IPO Wednesday evening.
  7. Once you have confirmed, an email will be sent asking you your request was received.

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