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How to protect yourself from hackers

Nowadays, it seems that nearly every library, coffee shop, airport, and hotel offer a way to access the Internet from your cell phone or any other of your mobile devices. That means the information you have on your phone could be easily available to hackers in the area, helping them to access it, – unless you have taken some important steps to protect your data.

Use two-factor authentication whenever you can. Your banking systems, Twitter, and Facebook all support the ability for you to enable an additional security feature that you may not possibly know about. You can find it easily in your settings, and can enable it manually. Every time you log in, it will register your computer so that you can get a text message to enter that system as a second form of verification. This is important because even if a hacker gets access to your password, they will still require your phone to enter your account.

Source: https://doubleoctopus.com/security-wiki/authentication/what-is-2fa/

Do NOT use the same password everywhere. Using the same password everywhere is probably one of the easiest ways that hackers can break into your account. So, if your Twitter account has the same password as your banking information, it can get you into some serious trouble.

Update the software on your computer. Every time you see security patches or a notification for a Windows update, it is usually to fix a known attack that hackers have figured out to get access to your computer. Therefore, keep updating your systems because they are not impervious to any cyberattacks. The same thing applies to third-party applications, whether we talk about Java, Adobe, PDFs, Office documents. This makes it much harder for hackers to break into your systems.

Be careful with how much information you post on social media. Attackers can look at the information that you post online and notice any patterns that can help them, such as your job, your spending habits, or your everyday activities, such as buying Starbucks from a certain location at a certain time. Those are things that hackers can use to identify when you are going to be at a business meeting or out of the country. They can use that method to attack you. One of the main thing that hackers do, especially in terms of social engineering, is creating a sense of urgency, which makes users feel that even though they are familiar with something online, they still have to take action about it, making them much more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Be careful when sharing personal information. This is one of the biggest things that attackers can leverage to get access to your data. Things like credit card details and Social Security numbers, Hackers may also impersonate financial services to gain access to personal information. So, be careful when receiving calls that seem like they may be from a fraud source.



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