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How to record calls on Android devices using Truecaller?

Truecaller may now be used to record calls on Android phones. A native call recording capability has been added to the caller ID app, allowing users to record both incoming and outgoing calls on their smartphones. Truecaller records calls and saves them to your phone’s memory. You may listen to the recordings at any time, even if you don’t have active Internet access, because they are saved offline. You may also send your call recordings to anybody in your contact list.

Truecaller originally enabled call recording via its app in 2018, but it was only available to paying members at the time. However, the corporation has begun to roll out the service to all of its consumers.

Truecaller’s Calling division director Gaurav Jain told Gadgets 360 that the new call recording capability is currently available on Android 5.1 and later handsets. The functionality is accessible to all users on the most recent public beta version of the app, as well as 5% of users on stable versions. The call recording capability will be accessible to all Truecaller users worldwide in the next two to three weeks, according to the firm, and will be compatible with all Android versions, including the most recent Android 12.

Before you begin recording calls using Truecaller on your Android device, it’s vital to remember that you must first gain consent or notify the person on the other end of the line. In certain nations, call recordings are also prohibited. As a result, before proceeding with the following details, you should verify with your local legislation.

Truecaller is now rolling out a new call recording functionality for Android smartphones, allowing users to record calls without the need for extra applications. The deployment is ongoing in stages, therefore it may take some time for your device to be reached. If the functionality is accessible on your Android phone, you can proceed with the procedures below.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility on your smartphone and grant Truecaller Call Recording the accessibility permission.
  • When you receive or make a new call, hit the record button on the Caller ID screen to capture the audio.

To turn off the call recording function, navigate to the Truecaller app’s side menu by selecting the hamburger button in the top-left corner, hit Call Recordings, and then turn off the ‘Call recording’ option.

Truecaller stores the recorded calls on your phone’s storage, which is worth considering. This implies you’ll be able to retrieve your prior call recordings without having an Internet connection in the future.

By navigating to the Call Recordings option in the Truecaller app, you may retrieve the calls you’ve recorded before. You can also store them on Google Drive or share them with your contacts. The default file management software on your phone may also be used to manually access call recording files.



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