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How to remove repeated data from your Google Sheet?

Google Sheet

For someone like me who is working on heavy data files and data analytics, it is very common to have duplicate values and entries in a spreadsheet. Does it do anything wrong? Yes, it does. Duplicate values cause incorrect data, especially when you are working with heavy data files and crucial calculations. Thus, it is important to have duplicate data removed from any data set that you might be working on.

I work on Google sheets and my analysis, workflows and everything else is hampered due to duplicate data. So, if you too are looking for a way to remove duplicate files from Google Sheets, let me help you with some settings, so that you don’t have to do it one by one because the it makes no sense.

How to remove repeated data from your Google Sheet?

Method 1:

This is the simpler method, out of the two that I am going to tell you.

  1. Open the Google Sheet where you have the duplicates
  2. Select the columns from which you have to remove the duplicates.
  3. Click on the Data button available in the header of the Google Sheet.
  4. Click on Data Cleanup.
  5. Then, tap on Remove duplicates from the dropdown menu.
  6. Tap on the Data has header row > Remove Duplicates

Done, and you are good to go now!

Method 2:

This method comprises of a unique formula using which you can remove your duplicate values on a Google Sheet.

  1. Open the Google Sheet where you have the duplicates
  2. Choose any empty cell from the spreadsheet
  3. Specify your rows where you need to look and remove duplicate data by using the formula =UNIQUE(A6:D11)
  4. A6 and D11 are cells selected.
  5. Click on Enter and you will have another sheet open with duplicates removed.

These are the two ways with which you can remove any duplicate values in your data. If the data is small, it is easier for you to review each value and remove them. But these methods will be really helpful with enormous amounts of data. It is a time saver and an energy saver for sure. If there are people out there who use Google Spreadsheet and Excel and work on big data files. You need to learn these tips and tricks and formulae because there is a formula for everything.