How to reset a Samsung TV

Samsung first entered the mobile phone market in 2000 with the release of a feature phone with a built-in camera capable of taking up to 20 photographs at once. By late 2000, the firm had released many phones, but the Galaxy S series of smartphones, which used the company’s OLED screen technology and hummingbird CPU, became its global success storey. Apart from smartphones, Samsung is a significant supplier of tablet computers, notably the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab-series, and is widely recognised as the inventor of the phablet category with its Samsung Galaxy Note-series devices.

Source – Samsung

Samsung is now one of the world’s leading electronic component producers. It is also a significant provider of electrical components to businesses like Apple, Sony, Nokia, and others, including batteries, semiconductors, processors, flash memory, and hard drives. Samsung has also been the world’s leading television maker since 2006, and the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer since 2011. In 2017, the firm surpassed Intel to become the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer.

Resetting a Samsung LCD TV

Some Samsung LCD tvs do a lot more than merely show the signals that come in. Smart TVs can access material through websites like Netflix and YouTube, play music or show photos from a linked drive, and retrieve movies and other data from your home network. The TV relies on a small, built-in computer to access these functions, which saves a large amount of data, including account passwords. By performing a factory reset on your Samsung LCD TV, you may delete all of this information and reset the system.

  • To turn on the Samsung TV, press the “Power” button.
  • Hold down the “Exit” button for 12 seconds while pointing the remote control squarely towards the TV. To the bottom right of the directional arrow pad is the “Exit” button.
  • On the directional arrow pad, press the “Left Arrow” button to highlight the “OK” button on the popup that appears, alerting you that you are about to reset your TV.
  • To reset the TV, press the “Enter” button on the remote control. The device will shut off on its own.
  • Press the “Power” button to turn the TV back on. You may now set it up as if it were brand new right out of the box.

Resetting a Samsung LED TV

When your Samsung LED TV isn’t working properly, and if you’re not interested in the existing settings, you may reset it to factory defaults by deleting saved settings including audio and image options. A TV may be useful for connecting external devices like laptops and projectors for multimedia tasks like business presentations, but if it isn’t operating as it should, a simple reset will repair minor issues and allow you to programme your settings from start.

  • On the Samsung LED TV or the remote control, press the “Menu” button.
    Highlight “Support” using the up or down arrow buttons. To access the Support Menu, use the “Enter” key.
  • Press “Enter” after selecting “Self Diagnosis.” Press “Enter” after selecting “Reset.”
  • Enter the security PIN for your television. The default PIN is 0000; however, if you’ve changed it before, enter it now.
  • When the “All settings will restore to factory defaults except network settings” popup message comes on the screen, select “Yes” to confirm your option. The TV shuts off automatically and reverts to factory defaults.