How to reverse image search on iPhone

On your iPhone, you may utilise reverse image search to locate photos or other websites that have used a certain image. Reverse image search can assist you in obtaining permission from the picture’s original copyright owner or determining whether your own photographs are being used without your permission.

Source – Lifewire

On your iPhone, you can reverse image search with Safari, Chrome, or a few more applications that you might find more helpful.

If you ever need to know if a photo has been used elsewhere on the internet or where it came from, reverse image search is a useful tool that may help you figure out where it came from.
On your iPhone, you may perform a reverse picture search in a variety of methods.

Using iPhone’s Chrome App

Chrome makes it simple to perform a reverse image search on an image you discover online without having to download it or knowing the URL. You’ll need to download Chrome from the App Store if you don’t already have the browser’s app installed on your iPhone.

  • Open the Chrome browser and go to the web page that contains the image you wish to reverse search.
  • Hold your finger on the image for a few seconds until the pop-up menu displays.
  • Tap on “Search Google for This Image”.

Using Safari and Google

If you already have a picture on your iPhone and want to see where it appears on the web, you can use Google image search in Safari – but not on the mobile version of the Google site; you’ll have to go to the desktop version.

  • Open the Safari browser and go to
  • Hit the Share icon (it looks like a square with an upward arrow) at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Request Desktop Site.”
  • Tap the camera icon in the search field after the desktop version of the Google page has loaded.
  • Paste the URL of the photo you wish to find into the search box if you have it. Otherwise, select a photo from your iPhone and hit “Upload an image.”

Using dedicated reverse-image search apps and websites

While Safari and Chrome are fantastic for rapidly browsing the web for images, there are a few additional options you should consider.

To begin with, is a useful website since it can be used in Safari without having to move to the desktop version, as you must with Google pictures.

You might also want to try a few of specialist reverse image search applications. Because they employ numerous search engines instead of simply Google, they are usually more thorough. Reverse Image Search, Reversee, and Veracity are three of the finest free reverse image search applications.