Windows on Mac
Credits: Parallels

How to run Windows on Mac?

Windows on Mac

The first thing that is popping in my head while thinking of this topic is, why would anyone spend $1000 to buy a MacBook and then install Windows on it? What is this choice?

Well, let me tell you that this is something very common that people do and have been doing since a very long time. The reason for this is that sometimes the software that you use on a daily basis is not supported on MacOS but works wonderfully on Windows. Now, you won’t rush to the market to buy a new laptop, right? The next best thing is to install Windows on your MacBook.

So, how to run Windows on Mac?

First off, check for the specifications before doing anything on your MacBook.

  • Your MacBook should be Intel-based.
  • 64GB or more free space on your hard disk.

If you can check both boxes, you are good to go!


1. Download Windows 10 ISO File (multi-edition ISO)

You can find the link to this file literally anywhere on the internet.

2. Run Boot Camp Assistant on your MacBook:

This is one of the most important steps to follow. This software comes factory installed on your Apple MacBook and is specifically created for installing Windows on your Mac device.

Choose the Windows 10 ISO file that you have downloaded and drag the bar to select the size of your Windows 10 partition. Click on Install.

3. After it is installed, your MacBook will restart and instead of seeing the Apple logo, you will see a Windows logo this time. Go through the Windows setup process!

4. Once you are through with that, your MacBook will once again restart and now you can set-up Windows on your MacBook. Choose your Language, sign-in to your Microsoft account, set Pin and password etc.

5. You are now ready to use Windows on your MacBook!

Pro Tip:

Once you are up and running Windows on your MacBook, make sure to install Boot Camp on your Windows as well. This will let you make any changes to the partition through your Windows only. It will take 10 min. to download and then you are good to go!

Switch between MacOS and Windows:

In order to switch between the two Operating Systems on your MacBook, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Restart your MacBook
  2. As soon as you see the black screen, click and hold on “Option” key for 5 seconds
  3. There you will get the option to select between MacOS and Windows. Select the OS that you want to open.

And, this is how you install Windows on your MacBook and can switch between the OS’ from time to time.